Mar 25, 2011

3 For Free - Ebooks for Writers

Boy this week seemed to fly by!

Here are 3 downloads for authors, completely free:

Author2.0 by The Creative Penn

Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle

Writing a Novel and Getting Published for Dummies by Green and Kremer - this one downloads as a rar file (compressed) and I just opened it in Calibre, which turns it into a kindle book and loads it on my kindle (if you haven't heard of this program see this post on Calibre).


  1. How do you find all of these all the time? You are like Inspector Gadget!

  2. Thanks so much Charmaine. You are always so generous to let us know of free ebooks. I'll have to try that kindle trick.

  3. Alleged - by spending way too much time online. ;-j

    Myrna - you're welcome, Calibre is great, you can format files for kindle or iPad or any ereader.

  4. Jules - I love the 'for Dummies' too, but some of them are actually a bit complicated, or maybe I need a level down from that :-(

    Clarissa - I have a lot of Holly Lisle books that I love - and really owe all my editing to her course, but must admit this 'mugging the muse' was more motivational and not really my favourite.

  5. Thanks for the links! Have a great weekend.

  6. How wonderful! These will come in very handy. Thank you for sharing.

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    Actually, your blog is the only one on my list with such a large following and I am a bit intimidated leaving this comment!

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