Mar 23, 2011

Don't Just Buy Writing Books - Read Them!

In A Writer's Obsession, I listed the 28 books I have on my shelf on the craft of writing. In My Audiobooks, I told you how many I have on my iPhone. Today I have to 'fess up to the many books on the craft of writing I have purchased from Amazon for my Kindle. Don't pat me on the back yet, I think I've only read six.

Save the Cat – Blake Snyder

Adventures in Fantasy – John Gust

How to Write a Great Query Letter – Noah Lukeman

100 Ways to Market Your Book for Free – Carol Denbow

A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story – Carol Denbow

Story Engineering – Larry Brooks

Children’s Writer’s Word Book - Alijandra Mogilner

Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks – John Curran

Painless Writing – Jeffrey Strausser

The Book on Writing – Paula LaRocque

Seize the Story – Victoria Hanley

Creating Characters and Plots – Roger Burt

Hooked – Les Edgerton

Manuscript Makeover – Elizabeth Lyon

How to Write Killer Fiction – Carolyn Wheat

Youdunit Whodunit! – Nicola Furlong

Write a Novel in 30 Days – Sara McGrath

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing for Young Adults – Deborah Perlberg

Wild Ink, How to Write Fiction for Young Adults – Victoria Hanley

Write Now! – Francine Saint Marie

My pick from the one's I've read so far would be Hooked and Manuscript Makeover. I definitely need to read more writing books and buy less.


  1. Any handy tips for how to hook readers in 'Hooked'? (I'm assuming that's what it's about).

  2. Hooked is a really practical guide narrated with humour. It not only tells you exactly how to nail that first chapter, but talks about creating a story worthy conflict for your protagonist. The author also has a blog where you will get loads of novel writing lessons.
    I did a few blog posts about it in the past, you could check out:

  3. Hooked it very useful. I have several, and have read a few. Skimmed the others, and am still trying to understand the first page of a couple. ;0

  4. I think the Agatha Christie one sounds cool!

  5. I haven't bought any yet, you guys keep me well informed. BTW I love the new look here :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Tee hee! I am still struggling through a few that I bought to help me!

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  8. Glynis - I have to admit a few were too technical for me, and some too touchy-feely. I just like clear instruction (takes that for my thick head to get it).

    Clarissa - The Agatha Christie one is interesting, but I can't say it was very helpful. Also, not great on the Kindle, the copies of letters do not show up well, better as a paperback or on iPad (because you can resize the pages)

    Jules - I think I'm the same, reading many more blogs than books - still, I just can't stop purchasing...

    Alleged - Yes, I'm starting to think the secret is in reading the books :-)

  9. I went to look at the AC book and you're right it's difficult to read on the kindle but I might take a crack at it on Kindle for PC. Thanks for all the recommendations! I want to read the AC book just for history's sake.

  10. If you ever do read Youdunit Whodunit! I hope you will let us know how it is.

    This is the first time I've seen Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks! I really want to read that one!