Mar 28, 2011

Discovering Writers

There's always buzz writers with a huge following, that you just couldn't imagine someone saying they've never read their books. For example, Stephen King or Agatha Christie. Of course some we just never get around to, or their genre doesn't suit us. I'm not crash hot on romance novels, so I'm sure there's a favourite author out there that I haven't touched.

I'm not sure why I never got around to Terry Pratchett. Friends kept suggesting him, and I do enjoy fantasy novels, but the blurbs put me off. Now I know why. It would be incredibly difficult to explain a Pratchett novel in a paragraph. I know, elevator speech and all that, but really, his worlds are so complex and his characters so diverse, I don't think I could sum it up in a sentence, other than to say, Monty Python of Fantasy.

Emily, my 13yr old daughter, is loving the Pratchett stories as well. So much, that we will both be attending a talk by Sir Pratchett and Garth Nix at the Sydney Opera House in a few weeks. I can't wait to share that experience with you.

Now, off to purchase the next Discworld book. Are there any ridiculously famous writers you've only just discovered, or is there one you've been meaning to get around to, but just haven't yet?


  1. I have picked up his books a few times in the bookstore, but always put them back. Think I'll get it this time. Thanks!

  2. I tried to read Nation by Pratchett last year and abandoned it halfway through. I have heard that his Discworld books are strange and good at the same time, but I know I'll have to be in just the right mood to take them on, so I haven't read them yet.

    The talk at the Opera house sounds wonderful though, and how neat that you get to share it with your daughter!

  3. rather a interesting question. i have just discovered Erik Larsen actually, but someone you & your daughter might enjoy .. last years find for me = Charles de Lint .
    incredibly fun & i very, very good writer :)

  4. Terry - Psych yourself up first, they start off quiet... weird, but once you get the hang of it, they're fantastic.
    You'll giggle lots.

    Alyce - My daughter also abandoned The Nation once before, I think it might be a bit boring compared to the others. My favourite is The Good Omens but Emily's favourite is Only You Can Save Mankind and The Colour of Money.

    Soozie - Some more authors for me to check out :)

  5. I hadn't read any of his until a couple of years ago when I met my husband and he couldn't believe it.

    They really are worth the read.


  6. Ha! I've been intending to start into Pratchett for quite some time... Maybe now that my son is 12 and I can justify them as 'for both of us' it is the time, because the Monty Python of fantasy sounds darned appealing to me!

  7. I keep trying to read the original Beauty and the Beast. I'm sure that author is pretty famous!

  8. Jules - yes, they are worth the read - thanks for stopping by :)

    Hart - I agree, legitimate expanse, we're just buying the books for our children's educational future :)

    Alleged - I've read the old fairytales and it is a good one, but I would find it hard at the moment too, because there's that great new book out called Beastly based on Beauty and the Beast that just looks so cool!

  9. Ah, I've been reading Terry Pratchett since I was teenager (which was long, looooong ago...) I'm so jealous you get to hear him speak! And I can't wait to hear about it. :)

    Some of my favourites of his are Lords and Ladies, Small Gods, and The Truth.

    One of the best things about Sir Pratchett is that in between making you laugh, he often has some shockingly deep and sharp-edged things to say.

  10. I admit I've never read Stephen King or Agatha Christie, his because I can't read that genre and still sleep at night, and hers because... I don't really have a reason. However, she is safely ensconced on my to-read list a few times now; it's just a matter of getting round to all the books I want to read!

    I do love Terry Pratchett, although I've never tried anything but the Discworld books.