Mar 1, 2011

Amazing Tool for Writers

My Stack of Ebooks are Piling High

I consume books on the craft of writing and I learn something different from each one. Most ebooks I found in the past were in PDF format, and although I'd download them with good intentions, I just wouldn't get around to reading them. That's because I don't read books on my computer.

Some of these books were free and some I purchased, all of them are of value to me. I want to read them on my Kindle (or sometimes' my hubby's iPad).

And then there's my manuscripts. I want to take them out with me to read and edit without having to carry around big budles of paper.

Now I have the tool that I absolutely cherish. It turns my PDF files into perfect ebook formats for whichever reader I want to use and it will load them on too. It will also convert my manuscript to an ebook (if I save it as a PDF in Word - but I actually use Scrivener to convert my draft).

And best of all, this application is FREE. I think it's a must-have for writers. Here's a link for you:


  1. I ran across Calibre and downloaded it awhile back. It took me several months before I tried using it, now I love it. It helps me keep track of the books I have on my computer and I can also use it to keep track of my print books too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Not sure I can use this with just one word link. I think I need more information...but I am excited about putting manuscripts and pdf. files on my Kindle. Haven't figured out how to do that yet either.

  3. Mason - I can't believe how many books I had downloaded, great idea you had to keep an itinerary of your print books. I need to do that.

    Karen - It's very easy to use, there are big buttons at the top of the application when you open it, the first is to access your files to choose the ebook and bring it into Calibre, the second is to add information (author's name etc) and the third is to convert. If your Kindle is plugged in, it will automatically choose PDF in - MOBI out, you won't need to change anything. And if you get stuck, give a holla and I'll try and help :-)

    PS there are other converters, I chose Calibre because they had a Mac version. I haven't used Mobipocket, but I hear it's good too.

  4. I use mobipocket, and it really simple. You don't get so many nice features though. I may try this. Thanks!

  5. WOW, free software, love the free stuff. And I see from the comments I have choices :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Thanks for sharing the info on the app! I'll pass it along to my friends who have e-readers! :)

  7. Hi I've just been reading the blurb for your nanowrimo novel Digging Up Death. It sounds really interesting. I hope you end up getting it published.

  8. A. McBay - I've heard Mobipocket is good, but I think it didn't have a Mac download when I checked.

    Jules - I love free apps too!

    Lynda - Lucky! The rest of us will just have to do with the free app

    B.Miller - You're welcome :)

    Niki - Thanks! Digging Up Death has a huge amount of edits to go through.