May 7, 2012

Writing Fiction from Fact

Mummy collection visiting the QLD Museum

I've been bowing out of family excursions lately, choosing instead to hole up in the State Library to work on my manuscript. It's been very productive, but I think the kids would like me to join in. Yesterday they talked about the trip they would make to the Queensland Museum to see the Mummy exhibit. They asked if I would join them this time.
"Hmm, give me a plot involving mummies, then I'll need research."
"Mummified cat?" they try.
"Mummy comes to life?"
Now they were talking! So I went along, enjoyed the exhibit, made notes and have tossed out my war story to do a teen mummy novel.

Part of my May challenge has been to meditate each day. Straight after, I do some free writing, this has helped develop my story. Here's the blurb for my Mummy story (names and titles will likely change). I have no idea what the 'dark evil' will be, but figure there'll be some consequence to resurrecting a mummy...

Curse of the High School Mummy

Nim lives in the shadow of her big sister Isis, but that’s what happens when you’re related to a Queen and Goddess of Egypt. When Isis dies, fifteen year old Nimatehah is to be mummified before her time, just to keep her spoilt sister company in the afterlife. Only the High Priest, Jezzikah, shows sympathy for Nim and promises to perform the resurrection ritual.

She has no idea what went wrong, but her resurrection is three thousand years late. 

Zac Miller is on an excursion to see the museum’s Mummy exhibition. In his usual clutz manner, Zac bumps into a stand smashing an ancient priceless jar. The eternity amulet it contained falls straight into the mummy’s mouth. Before his eyes, Princess Nimatehah takes human form. Zac helps Nim try to fit into this strange modern world in return for help with his history paper on Ancient Egypt. Together they need to find the rest of the ritual to transcend Nim into a Goddess before a dark evil takes over the world.


  1. Do let us know where you go with this story line. It sounds as though it could turn either way, humorous or serious.

  2. Smiles. I know the plot will thicken, and it sure has a good start, full of promise. Nice that you're meditating.

  3. I wonder if there's an app for translating ancient egyptian into english.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  4. Love the story already :) You're making me want to take fun excursions to museums and other cool places!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. Sounds cool! Good luck with "fleshing it out." :)

  6. Charmaine, honestly, this is priceless. I can see it on the Ancient History reading list! Get into it! Enjoy your research!


  7. Charmaine, this one sounds like a winner. Love anything Egypt, plus the premise sounds really interesting.

  8. This is great! I love the idea and your voice. Maybe your kids can help ME brainstorm? ;)