May 3, 2012

Just Breathe

A-Z is over. Long live A-Z.

What a huge month it was, posting almost every day! Made it through, but admit I feel a little burned out now. Still feel like I owe so many bloggers comments. I had sworn not to partake in any more challenges. Ever. Hmm, how long will that last?

Not long. Came across this post and thought, YES! It's exactly what I need. I'm feeling quite pressured with my time and writing at the moment. Finally came up with a plot to use for my Year of the YA course, got started and now feel completely flat about it. Ugh. I need inspiration, motivation... something.

Perhaps this will help:

Feeling stressed? Ready to slow down? Show up for yourself and join us for A Month of Meditation:

Jodie Chapman is hosting a challenge where you make the commitment to meditate every day. It can be a long meditation or just 5 minutes. Whatever you can fit in. Well, the 1st of May has come and gone, but I'm still trying this. I could do with a month of quiet reflection. How about you?

I won't blog daily, but will keep you updated on what comes from my meditating. Tonight I intend to use a recording (available on iTunes and probably Audible):

Maybe clearing my mind will help me make a decision about my troublesome YA plot.


  1. I have a bunch of meditation tapes that help clear my mind. I also have some that claim to help you with astral projection, but no out of body experiences so far.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  2. I feel the burnout, too. During the Challenge, I lost my editor and my 5 month old grandson came to live with me. I'm now sleep deprived.

  3. I've only participated in a couple of challenges. They wore me out, so I haven't done one in a while. I may never do another one. You do meet a lot of new people through them, which is good.

    A good rest should do you good.

  4. This was my third A to Z and yes it do tire you I enjoyed it very much.
    As for the mediation I have my own books and cds that I always take an hour out each day to relax and recharge my batteries.


  5. Hmmmm...that looks like an interesting book! :-)

    Enjoy your meditating.

  6. I'm in the mood for more meditation. Just today, I went to The Shante for a little lunch and a quiet place to write. I brough my inspiring new journal and enjoyed the space.

    Play off the Page

  7. I think many of us are worn out! I've taken some time off, and I'm only reading/commenting about 5 blogs a day right now - and spending the "extra" time (about 2 hours a day) reading in the sun or working out. Hopefully that will recharge my writing batteries! :-)

  8. Hi Charmaine. Ah, that troublesome YA plot hasn't settled with you yet. I think at the moment I just have too many ideas buzzing. Driving me crazy.

    You'll be pleased to know I'm reading your Zombie Dog with a Year 8student and we're laughing our heads off. Interesting how she relates to the little human touches, like how mums always know when we're not asleep, lol!

    Meditate on, my friend.

    Don't forget you can write to a RomanticFridayWriters prompt anytime. We've a definite shortage of zombies, but vampires make a few appearances.


  9. yes you must take your rests when you feel the need--other wise, what is the point--sounds like a very helpful insightful book!

  10. I'm all for doing some meditating each day. Suppose to be great for relieving stress.

  11. I'm so happy that you're joining us for the Month of Meditation! It sounds like perfect timing for you! I look forward to reading your check-ins each day! Thank you for sharing it here! :)