Feb 13, 2012

The Writing Business - My Plan

In my last post I spoke about the need for a writer to have a plan. This could be as elaborate as a detailed business plan or as simple as a list of steps you need to take to become published (and then don't forget the steps to market what you publish).

Today I thought I'd share with you my list - this is not complete, there are previous steps I've already completed (write an author bio, get a blog or website, get a good author pic... oh yeah, write a novel...). Maybe you'll find some helpful ideas on there, or maybe you can suggest some things I've forgotten! As I tick off each step I'll share my experience and you can learn by my (hopefully rare) mistakes. I'll be sharing my experiences organising book covers next.

From Manuscript to Book:

Edit book
  • Check out professional editing organisations
  • Circulate amongst Beta readers
Cover design
  • Search contacts for artists, graphic artists and professionals at book cover design.
  • Check Shutterstock or other photo sites for good stock photos.
  • Check online resources.
Format e-book and Print On Demand book
  • Check with State writers groups for contacts for digital publishers.
  • Look at CreateSpace
  • Kindle
  • iBooks
  • All others: Smashwords, Dymocks, Fishpond etc.
Advertising material:
  • Bookmarks
  • Postcards 
  • Book Trailer - speak to Luke or Rhonda
  • Slogans ('cause I have too much time on my hands):
    • Zombie Dog hates your guts... loves your brains.
    • Tell Zombie Dog to heel, and it’ll bring you a nice fresh one.
    • Zombie Dog’s best trick: ‘play dead’ (Zombie Dog is not playing).
    • Zombie Dog thinks you look nom nom.
    • Zombie Dog, nom nom nomming her way into your heart (cross out, replace with brain).
    • Brrrraaaains means I love you.
    • (picture of two mafia guys tossing a body rolled in a rug to the doghouse) Sometimes Zombie Dog comes in handy.
Read Amazon guidelines
Decide on release date - promote book leading up to release
  • Check out books on promoting your novel.
  • Read the John Locke guide
  • Check out guides to ebook publishing
  • Giveaway - Kindle?
  • Organise blog hop
  • Look up other promotional ideas
  • T-shirts (overkill???)
  • Talk to contacts in programming about creating a game app to pair with the ebook.


  1. That's a big list! But you can do it all. I look forward to reading about your experiences with book covers. Good on you for taking it all on.

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  3. Great post.
    I like your organization. Very easy steps to follow. Good luck!

  4. Oh man... to be as organized as you! Pretty awesome. :D

  5. I used Shutterstock for pan image I used for my cover. I also used Flickr and got permission my the author to use his image as the backdrop. Good luck to you!

  6. Nice organization! good luck with it all.

  7. Great plan. I'm terrible with any business plan but I know the key is organization. It sounds like you have your bases covered.

    On a side note, I noticed you are from Australia. That's so exciting and exotic! I went to Sydney a year ago on a business trip and loved it. So I have decided you are fabulous!

  8. Wow. This is evidence that publishing requires a true commitment. You certainly are dedicated and tenacious. Congratulations on that. I hope I get to that level. Not sure if I have the stamina, but I hope I develop it.

    Thanks for this post.

  9. Oh, it's been a little while since I've visited...I didn't realise you'd decided to go the indie route for your stories. Best of luck with it. I don't doubt you'll do a brilliant job of it. You certainly appear well organised too :)

  10. Hi Charmaine. I loved the slogans! Great ideas and tips; thanks for sharing. I saw your blog on the A-to-Z linky list...and thought I'd stop and visit a friend! :-) Hope that you are all settled in and enjoying the new digs. Take care.

  11. You are more organized than anyone I know! Wanna come to my house and help me with my closet? :P

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