Jan 22, 2012

No More Excuses

The last quarter of 2011 was a whirlwind for me, and I've allowed that to flow onto 2012. No more.

Time to get back to writing and blogging. It's hard to break a slump, here's some ways I find helpful.

  • Write something small, maybe a diary entry.
  • Browse and comment on writing blogs, they're very inspirational.
  • Get up before the family and don't let yourself away from your writing until you have at least one page.
  • Listen to a podcast on writing. I love Writing Excuses because the episodes are short but extremely helpful and they always end with a prompt.
  • Join a writers group.
  • Take a writing class.
  • Find a writing exercise (in how-to books, podcasts, blogs or anywhere). Just try doing one writing exercise unrelated to your bigger work-in-progress.
I've chosen to start my writing off with a blog post, but I might work my way through the rest of the list.

My new writing spot in Auchenflower, Brisbane:

Our furniture hasn't arrived yet, so we are camping out - in:

How do you lure yourself back into writing after a break? Are you in the zone now, or in a writing slump?


  1. Writing groups and conferences always get me fired up.
    I like your desk. I've had to use a card table before.

  2. It is so hard to get back into writing after time off! A friend and I got into swapping a sentence a day. It had to be written that day - didn't have to be good.

    I love your new writing area! (I see kitty does too.)

  3. Looks like a beautiful place. Shame to clutter it up with all that furniture.

    I keep thinking I'll have a quick half-hour of video games and then back to the writing. 6 hours later...


  4. Today I had to force myself to sit and write for an hour. Sometimes I'll just start looking around for contests and calls for submissions - even if they are outside of my genre or scope, they give me a starting point or a framework to work within.

  5. I've been in a bit of a slump too. Thank goodness I have encouraging crit partners, and went back to revising a story I began in November. Slowly fleshing it out helped me get back in the swing, though I'm still not quite where I want to be.
    Love the new digs!

  6. I've never dropped into a blogging slump, but once I'd completed my second book and sent it to my publisher, I didn't write anything for almost six months. I was waiting for the right idea for the third book. It has hit and I'm writing again!
    I don't recommend taking that much time off though...

  7. In some ways I am in a zone, in others, a slump. But that lately, somehow balances out and gets me moving. Looking to get more accomplished in 2012. Best wishes to you for this as well! :)

  8. "The last quarter of 2011 was a whirlwind for me, and I've allowed that to flow onto 2012. No more."

    Describes my past 6 months perfectly!

  9. I'm probably in the worst writing slump I've experienced in a long time. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I sounds like you're a happy camper.

  10. I have to set a date with myself to get back into it for the fiction. The deadlines for the non-fiction take care of that effort. Your move must have been exhausting. The place looks sunny and warm.

  11. About two years ago the urge to fulfill my long lost dreams of becoming a writer resurfaced. I wanted to write so badly, but I even then I would only write something sporadically. I couldn't seem to discipline myself enough to set a routine. Recently, I found a local writing group to join and that sparked a fire in me to take my writing more seriously. I started an online writing class that I've just about completed. And starting my blog has been a fun step along my path to establishing myself as a writer.