Jan 25, 2012

Dreaming Writing Prompts

In our new home we seem to have an adjusted rhythm to our day. It's warm and sunny in Brisbane (if you ignore today's drizzle), so I get up early, anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30am. Brisbane also seems to be a healthier city - in the mornings you see a constant whirl of cyclists and in the evenings everyone is out for a run. It's also culturally essential to join your local gym.

The cold winters of Yass were more encouraging of hot chocolates and an extra layer of fat (just to keep warm, mind you), so we have also started having a workout every day. This means by early evening we're all ready to crash and when we sleep we sleep goooood. Quality sleep is also good for dreaming, and for recalling dreams the next day. I though the girls and I could use them as writing prompts for short stories.

My dream:
Our new house was situated on an island with only one road in and out. That flooded and we had to get ready incase our home also flooded. The kids, dogs and I sat up on the roof - mind you at this stage our street had not even flooded, let alone the two story house.

Emily's dream:
Grandma came to visit. She did not warn us she was coming,  nor did she knock, she just quietly let herself in and waited by Emily's bed until she woke up (this would be considered a scary dream).

Matilda's dream:
There was a terrorist planting bombs in Brisbane. Hard to spot, he was dressed in a giant squirrel costume.

The next day it poured and our street looked like this:

Later, Grandma called Emily for our new address. We are keeping a keen eye out for a giant squirrel.

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  1. I believe those giant squirrels are called kangaroos.


  2. I love dream diaries. I've actually used some of my dreams in stories! I love this post!

  3. I, too, pay attention to my dreams. Often, I'll post little stories about them onto my blog.

  4. I tried to keep a dream diary once, but was too lazy to write as soon as I awoke. Then I forgot the dreams.

    I do have a recurring dream about all sorts of houses. Hope the giant squirrel doesn't make it a habit of visiting.

  5. Most of my dreams are so bizarre that I can't make any sense of them at all. The guy in the Squirrel costume would make an interesting character.

  6. Dreams have been the source of some amazing stories in the past. Using them is an art.

  7. Wow! Dreams or prophecies? ;-) Glad you are getting settled in, Charmaine. And great post about using dreams as prompts. Are you going to do the A to Z blogging challenge in April?

  8. Those are funny. Did you give sneaky Grandma the correct address?

  9. good article ..
    very useful, thank you,, success ...

  10. Dreams have been the source of some amazing stories in the past,,

  11. I imagine there's a big difference between Yass and Brissy. Gotta love those dreams.

  12. Thanks for all the comments, glad to see I'm no the only one who over-thinks my dreams :)

    And yes, I'll try the A-Z again this year!

  13. I've had some interesting dreams that I've used for story ideas. I should keep a file open on my Alphasmart as a dream diary or something, since if I kept a handwritten dream journal I'd never be able to read it.

    And thanks for posting that picture of such a very wet street!

  14. I like to write my dream on my diary. I hope all of my dream it will comes true. thanks for your inspiring article