Sep 13, 2009

Starting Something New

Sat down with my laptop to work on my writing course, which I've been using to progress my new children's novel Dog Show Detective which is now up to Chapter 3 (yipee for progress!). There was, as there always is in life, a spanner in the works (which being of an un-mechanical mind, I must assume is a bad thing). My course requests I start now on a short story.

Thoughts of cheating crossed my mind, just use one of the short stories I've written before. Then I could get on with my novel. But what would be the point? I may as well not do the course then. So here we go, I will thrash out a few ideas in here and build my story in Plot Builder (which I am much enjoying! See my previous post if you'd like to find out more about this program).

Step one of the process was to access my 'sweet spot map' which is lists of all the things I love, hate, am drawn to, fear, need, etc. This map is used for inspirational ideas. From this list I am to create several ideas or elements for short stories. I am not to push my structure onto these ideas because that will apparently get in the way of my muse - who is in charge of the creative.

Here goes:
  • Extreme obsessive compulsive disorder sufferer is abducted.
  • Time travelling dog.
  • Detective solves crimes before clients even leave his office.
  • Mother kills an intruder but does not call the police.
  • Plane crash, outback, child, Indigenous family.
  • Cup of tea, two old ladies, poison.
  • Stage actor plans big gimmick to promote career.

Waiting now for muse to make up her mind.


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