Sep 15, 2009

Long Thoughts on Short Stories

Hurray for deadlines!

Through the writing course, How to Think Sideways (see ink-fever for the link if you're interested, definitely recommended by me), I was this week required to come up with several inspirations for short stories. From those I had to pick three and let my muse suggest ideas. I was not allowed to practically structure the story or put demands on the story. I did however have to give myself a deadline and a word count. This was not my idea of fun.

In my previous post you will see the list I made of the story inspirations, some were ok, some were, well - what the heck would be the use of a time-travelling dog? Just flash from period to period barking at people?

My first choice was about the two old ladies. I sat myself down last night determined to just get a few more ideas for it. I was tired, and I'd forgotten that I work best when I'm tired. I guess I don't have the energy to hold down the muse.

The whole story flowed. I wrote for over an hour and ended up with a 2022 word story (my word count was 2000, so it was creepily close). Now it's a first draft and possibly rubbish, but I'm so proud that I did it!

Write when your tired, write when you really don't want to - you might be surprised at what comes out when you stop trying.

I'll edit the story in a couple of days and then post it here. Now my next assignment - The detective who solves a mystery before the client even leaves his office. Unless the client bought their butler with them, this could be tricky!


  1. Frah-WHEEE!

    I LOVE the detective idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    And if you're not going to use the time travelling dog, may I steal it? Fits perfectly with another idea I've had bubbling away for a while O:)

  2. You crack me up Amy - the dog may find a new home travelling through time with you. Let me know how it goes!