Jan 2, 2013

2013 - Year of the Writer

I'm declaring it for all of us
For my Insecure Writer's Support Group post, I'm taking my insecurities and creating myself a resolution list from them. So for 2013 I intend to:
  • Edit - I've signed up for Year of the Edit, a course offered by the Queensland Writer's Centre. Editing can seem seem like an overwhelming task, fixing a story, the structure, character motivations... it always scares me a little when I begin. But to be honest, once I get started, rewrites are my favourite part of writing a novel because that's when I find my themes, motifs and hidden plot lines. I have at least four novels to edit this year.
  • Improve my writing - This is always on my list, but this year I'm focusing on grammar to strengthen my writing. I'm working through workbooks and have a great friend who's very clever when it comes to grammar.
  • Create Classroom resources - I do this anyway when I go to schools and run creative writing workshops or discuss my book. I'd like to make free classroom resources relating to my novels available by creating professional PDFs and putting a link to them up on my website. 
  • Increase income/reduce expenditure - I've got a few big goals I'll need to save for. One of my goals is to have a weekender shack somewhere (beachside or national park area) that can double as my writer's retreat. 
  • Read more indie novels and more Australian authors - I have so many friends that are indie authors, I'm ashamed I'm not reading more of these releases. I'm aiming to make every second book I read either Australian or indie. That should help me get through lots more without missing out on any mainstream traditionally published foreign books I may just be dying to read (like the next Spellman's book). I'm also going to submit a lot more Amazon reviews of the books I like.
In our family we also make a wish for the new year. It can be as big or wild as you want, and usually is something we couldn't possibly achieve in the one year, but it's nice to have high goals. Mine is for us to buy a property, but I do think it'll take more than a year of saving. Still, it'll help me stay focused on my saving resolution. What would your wild wish for 2013 be?


  1. Great list, Charmaine, and I like how you put a positive spin on some potential negatives.

    Best of luck with all your goals and have a great 2013!

  2. I want a weekend shack too. :)

  3. I like the idea of making a wish for the new year. My wish would be to finally finish my dissertation in 2014, so that I can finally be DONE with graduate school. Then I will finally be able to breathe for the first time in years.

  4. I can imagine the gasps at 'I have four novels to edit this year...' That's why we get on so well, Charmaine, we're both as crazy as each other.
    One of my wishes is to definitely to get a novel actually FINISHED and subbed -- and PUBLISHED would be icing on the wordish cake.

    Looking forward to hooking up again. (I'm down in the Big Smoke for a few days and finally snuck away from everyone and slunk into the State LIbrary. Oh joy!!!)

    Happy 2013!!

  5. Yay for the Year of the Writer! Happy 2013. :)

  6. Awesome goals, Charmaine!

    Like you, I love the editing process. For me, that's when the story usually comes alive. And you never can tell, you just may find yourself with a load of cash by 2013's end! I'll believe w/you! :)


  7. Sublime list, Charmaine.You're a brave woman. I'm to afraid to make resolutions, I call them goals and allow myself only one per year just in case I fail!

    My wild wish for 2013? A lovely place on the beach. A weekend shack would suit me fine.

    Happy New Year!

    ~VR Barkowski

  8. Hi, Charmaine! Wonderful list. Happy New Year!

  9. Great list of goals and I wish you the best in working through them!

    The editing course sounds good and I hope it helps. I just can't get past the fact of FOUR books to edit. I'm having a tough time with just one!

    I'm with you on reading more indie books, too.

  10. This is a great list!
    Weekend shack? Sounds like bliss! Care to lend it out to fellow writers? Like a time-share system...

  11. Happy 2013! Good luck with your goals!

  12. Thanks for all the well-wishes, and yes, I'd love to share my writers shack with my writing buddies, you're all welcome!

  13. I like how you tackled your insecurities and transformed them into goals! That's such a great way to look at things.
    Meanwhile, my wild wish is a week at the beach (Hawaii would be nice... :) ) with my husband!

  14. I think your weekend retreat will come faster than you realise, if you focus on making it happen.
    And I love your idea to alternate types of book: I'm going to try to mix my chick-lit with other types of work.
    Really love the cover for My Zombie Dog, by the way.

  15. Those are great goals! You seem very focused, so I bet those resolutions will be done with very soon. Easy peasy. =)

  16. Hi, Charmaine,


    What great goals. You will get there. You have the determination....

    What a lovely dream to have a writer's retreat. Sounds lovely ... we should all strive for that.

    I created my retreat in my condo... it works very well especially having a lovely park view

    Wishing ALL THE BEST for you in 2013!

  17. Great goals - wishing you all the best for 2013!

  18. I love the idea of a writing shack! Year of the Writer sounds great. Happy 2013 :-)

  19. Yeah, I definitely need to read more Australian authors.

    Best wishes for your goals in 2013!!!

  20. Go you! I love that plan for the New Year.

  21. A weekend writing retreat? That is a dream come true. Good luck with 2013!!

  22. LOVE this. Year of the Writer! Whoot! Happy New Year!

  23. Great goals. I need to create some discussion questions that can be used as a classroom resource or book club guide.

    Following back.

  24. Great goals. I simply want to FOCUS instead of flitting from project to project.