Apr 7, 2012

G is for Google and Goodreads for Writers

Had a conversation with my dad last week about the marvels of Google. He said he can still remember having to research in libraries, and even then you were very limited to the books that library had in stock. Now he's writing humorous, military thrillers, he often needs to check information and dates of political events and underworld activity. I have to agree. I grew up with computers only being able to move two white lines up and down the sides of the screen to hit a digital ball that bounced between them (go Atari!), and became very impressed with those tables that showed Space Invaders and Pacman. 

But now you can find out whatever you need from Google. But Google has plenty more to offer writers than just a search engine:
  • Google Maps - actually see the street where you're setting your story without ever going there.
  • Gmail - I got sick of my email changing every time I changed Internet providers. I've had my gmail account for years now and love the stability.
  • Google Docs - If you work on your manuscripts at work and home or out and about, by putting them on Google Docs you can access them on the go and never worry about loosing your manuscript. I used this before I became a dedicated Scrivener user.
  • Images - A great way to find pictures of your characters to add to their profile.
  • Google+ - Social media site where you can connect and sort your followers into groups, such as writers or readers.
Another important G site for writers is Goodreads. This is a community of readers and writers where you can record the books you're reading. On Goodreads you can set up an author account, write your bio and have your own book launch or giveaways. Make sure your book is listed on there!

Now I have to figure out where to hide the chocolate eggs for my kids. It never failed to intrigue me why kids aren't scared of this giant rabbit that sneaks into their home at night and leaves chocolate eggs - Don't want to bust that bubble, but bunnies don't lay eggs, if they do leave round chocolate-coloured things... not sure you should eat them.


  1. We teach the kids at our school to use Google Docs for that very reason - switches easily from platform to platform and is always there.

  2. It really is amazing how much information is at our fingertips. My brother calles it "cranking up the Google machine".

  3. Did you see the glasses that google is in the process of making? CRAZY. This isn't the original vid, but it is of a guy commenting in a VO over the trailer.


    A to Zer!


  4. I love google and goodreads! I use goodreads to post all my reviews. It's a fabulous site. I don't know what I would do without google. My son and I were talking the other day about what we did before internet and how frustrating life must have been. However, thinking back, it wasn't frustrating, life was slower and more relaxed. Now I live a life where I have to find the answers NOW!

  5. I've never used Google Docs - sounds like I should! :) I love Google and Goodreads too!

  6. It's amazing to think how we ever managed before Google. makes life a lot easier, although obviously it's only a matter of time before they drop the charade and take over the world.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  7. Excellent information regarding Google. I grew up in the Atari era, too. I'm amazed at how far things have progressed.

    I also wrote about Goodreads this week. It can be a great resource for writers (published or not) to connect with readers.

    Nice G topics,
    Michelle :)

  8. Funny commentary on the Easter Bunny. How did that ever start? Seems a little weird to me as well. I thought I was on Google +, but I think I need to check that. It might be where it's at, now!

    Play off the Page

  9. Great post! I too remember going to the library as a kid to do research! A couple of years ago I asked my, then 12 year old son, if he'd tried the Encylopedia for something. He tiled his head and said, "What's an enplyclopodia?"


    Hey, have you tried Google Earth? LOVE that!

    (I'm gonna follow you!)
    Texas Playwright Chick

  10. Love your post. Go Atari, indeed! LOL, to the Easter bunny round things. Great G post!

  11. GOOGLE! who would have known!

  12. Great post about the benefits of Google...I use Google Docs and gmail but never thought about the maps. And isn't Goodreads great?!?

  13. I love exploring Google Maps. Google Earth is really cool for the same reason--it lets you go everywhere!

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  14. Hello there!! Yes - rabbit poo is just not the same as erm.. chocolate drops! Awww I do like Easter and look forward to a visit or three from the Bunny!!

    Take care

  15. Google is fabulous, but I really miss pulling open the wooden drawer of a card catalog, thumbing through those index cards, and finding the book I want via the Dewey Decimal system. ☺ Great 'G' post! Looking forward to reading more.

    Happy Saturday! ☺

  16. How times have changed! I still love going to the library though.
    Blessings, Joanne

  17. As someone who has actually used index medicus to do research: Google and other web databases rock!! Our lives have been changed forever... (p.s. this is my first post from my new Kindle Fire. Thanks, Charmaine - it arrived today!)

  18. I really need to spring clean my Goodreads account :-)

  19. I love Goodreads. I've found awsome books there. Just read the first part of My Zombie Dog and had to download it to finish.
    "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..." Giant Rabbits hiding eggs and Red Suits coming down the Chimney--it's a wonder the kids grow up normal!
    Thanks for the following at Creating Wordlenik.