Feb 6, 2012

Time Travelling for Stories

Yesterday I time travelled. It was a family outing. My dad (Smithy to the locals of Brisbane) took us in his pride and joy - his 1956 Desoto:

We headed out to a small town outside of Brisbane called Marburg where there was this adorable old pub:

Then we browsed an antique store.

I figured out why I love old furniture, old buildings and old cars - because they have stories.

On the drive home I felt like I had travelled back in time. Smithy and Tim were in the front seat and I sat in the back with my girls. I was a kid again, looking out the window, singing tunes, imagining stories and yep, even falling asleep before we made it home (although this time no one carried me inside).

And was it inspirational? How does A MURDER IN MARBUG sound?


  1. Marburg sounds like a town in Germany. It could be an international thriller.

  2. A MURDER IN MARBUG sounds intriguing. Go for it!

    Your back to the future trip sounds like it was fun.