Oct 9, 2011

Apples and Zombies

This week has been huge.

The Apple populated world suffered the loss of an inspiration and innovator, Steve Jobs. It has been an amazing experience seeing people respond to this incident in such a big way. Interesting to see a corporate leader admired and worshiped as much as a mega-movie star. I'm starting to think it would be disrespectful for me NOT to buy an iPad now.

But on a more cheerful note, October 8th was World Zombie Day. Queensland Emergency Services tested out their QLD Alert website with tweets and updates on preparing for a zombie apocalypse. 

It was lots of fun, you can see the conversation in Twitter by searching the hashtag #zombietest - even QLD Rail got involved so you'd know which escape route to take once it was already too late and the city was overcome by zombies.

I've been on school holidays and spent most of that time working on our house (getting it all pretty to sell, then I can pick out my next house in Brisbane, hopefully outside of the zombie-zoned areas).

Edits on MY ZOMBIE DOG are coming along, with the protagonist jumping from 11yrs to 14yrs old. I need to get more of a move on with that and send the revised MS back to the publisher for consideration. But school goes back tomorrow and I MUST finish marking about 80 newspaper articles written by Yr10 students. Ugh, I hate marking - anyone want to do it for me?????

I will not be distracted, I will not be... I wonder if I can find a cute little sign saying 'Beware of the zombie dog' online?


  1. I have never heard of Zombie day and for a good cause too...awesomely creepy and cool!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. I love that 'Hello Zombie' pic so much :-)

  3. Hi Charmaine,
    Love reading your personal updates and zombie news.
    Good luck with the paper marking and house selling.
    Cheers, Karen :)

  4. Charmaine, I saw Steve Job's sayings all over the internet and papers all week.
    I would help you with the marking, but by the time I got it done, school would probably be out.
    I am really bad at procrastination.

    Ah well good luck,
    Pamela Jo

  5. I'd wait a bit before buying that iPad, could all be a marketing ploy by Mr Jobs, that was after all where his real genius lay.

    I wonder if there are any super smart zombies...

  6. Good luck with all you're doing. Always glad to come by and read your posts.

  7. I wouldn't buy an iPad to show respect. Just continue growing, seeking and struggling to express. I think this would be the greater honor to pay his legacy.

  8. Zombie day! Love it :) And I love those tweets.

    Steve Jobs was an inspiring man. He will be missed.

  9. Zombie day? And Zombie Dog? That can only be brilliant.

  10. Since Halloween is so soon, I can totally get in touch with Zombie Day. But, does this world really need more Zombies?

  11. That zombie pic is so cute, when zombies are so not cute.

    Grading papers? No thanks. I have enough of that. ;)