May 7, 2011

Writer's To-Do List

Weak attempt to make a to-do list seem sexy.
So much to do, so little time to recline in an alluring pose. This week I plan to...

  • Buy more Paranormalcy hardcover copies for gifts at the discounted price (click here to see or go to Paper Dolls for a review from 13yr old Milly).
  • Check out what local writing events are coming up and whinge a lot that Canberra does not seem to have its own writers festival anymore. *pouts*
  • Finish writing Ch3 of MY ZOMBIE DOG - Zane is trying to wash the dog he buried yesterday, but undead is the hardest smell to get rid off.
  • Send another Query out for DOG SHOW DETECTIVE.
  • Catch up with my Graphic Designer over content data for the website (but really for cups of tea, cake and gossip).
  • Get a little (read teeny weeny) bit of editing done on THE COSTUME MAKER.
  • Fantasise about getting a new MacBook Pro laptop. Mmmmm pretty....
  • Read My Personal Kanban a book I heard about on a new podcast Kindle Self Publishing. This book promises to make me a more organised project manager for my writing, and possibly write better to-do lists. (I'll blog more when I've read it)
  • Blog - about something (it'll come to me).
  • Catch up on visiting your blogs.
Think I'll climb back into bed now and cover the reading part.

What's your to-do list looking like?


  1. If I climbed back into bed to do my reading list, I'd be there for weeks...I swear the books are multiplying among themselves.

  2. It's pretty long, and someone keeps adding stuff to the bottom of it...

    Clever post! Happy weekend! :)

  3. Basically writing and editing and all the other stuff I have to do on a normal basis. And learn how to juggle it all.

  4. Working on two edits and working on new blog post (a chapter one analysis of the hunger games - should be up later tonight). Just three things. Sounds so easy...

    Moody Writing

  5. Love it! And, you look great in that photo. I need to finish reading a book that I've been plodding through during April's blog challenge. It's a pretty good book, but kind of dreary. I got back to writing my next play, and I'm up to p. 10. Cheering!!
    Enjoy your week. Do you celebrate Mother's Day? Either way, Happy Mother's Day!!

  6. Or, I guess that's Mum's day where you're from. Enjoy being a Mum. (When I think of mums, I think of the flower. Mums are flowers.)

  7. Great to-do-list. I have to write, revise, and revise some more. Oh and cook and clean and all that other boring stuff ;)

  8. Hoping your query process is going well!