Apr 19, 2011

P is for Participating

There is a blog challenge I wanted to let you in on, and it's starting... now! You're probably thinking, I'm already up to my ears in posts about letters, yeah, I'm feeling that pressure too. But this A-Z challenge has been great, I'm posting, writing, I've got more followers and I've discovered more wonderful blogs on the craft of writing. Usually one challenge at a time would be enough for me, but not this time. I found this at:

I'm trying to craft the dreaded query letter and this blog hop allows participants to post their query letter and let other bloggers critique it (a bit scary). Want to join in?

And, because today is the 19th in Australia, I'd better go and work on my Query letter and post my Qpost today!


  1. I wonder if I'll be too late. I'll pop over now. Thanks for leaving a comment regarding 'Stolen'.
    Keep in touch. I'm in Australia at the moment too!

  2. Hey Charmaine. You're faster than lightning. I was still editing and reposting when I saw your comment. And so I say back to you...how quick are you!! :)

  3. *thunk* << my head hitting the table at the thought of another challenge.

    I'm ready for Zzz's already. :)

  4. Good luck on the query letter challenge. Thanks for the heads up.