Feb 14, 2011

Kindle, Let Me Count the Ways...

Google, getting in the mood for Valentine's Day
Today seems an appropriate day to count the ways we love... our Kindle! Why do I LOVE my Kindle?
  1. I LOVE the instant reward of purchasing and downloading books from the Amazon website.
  2. I LOVE the sharp but subtle colours of the screen, no glaring backlight like Mr iPad.
  3. I LOVE creating categories for my Kindle books, and of course, Mysteries and Writing Resources cary the most books in my library.
  4. I LOVE that we can now share books (even if it is only once) with our bestest Kindle friends.
  5. I LOVE trying the first chapter for free, to see if the book is one I want to read.
  6. I LOVE randomly downloading 99c books, without any high expectations.
  7. I LOVE being able to see my writing/blogging friends finally get their novels finished and available on Kindle and I can buy them straight away!
  8. I LOVE that my daughter is turned on by Kindle too, and reads twice as many books now.
  9. I LOVE the great price of Kindle books, compared to paperbacks in Australia.
  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the service Amazon offer if my Kindle gets sick. Emily's sadly developed a strange line through the screen (my scientist-husband waffled something about magnetic fields, screen burnout, blah, blah), we emailed Amazon, got a call straight back and a brand new Kindle is being sent out to us right now.
Oh, and Tim, I love you too.


  1. You do make some good points for Kindle. I have to admit each day I'm seeing more and more the upside to e-readers. I still love the print books, but an e-reader would be nice too. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. ha! Sweet :o) I still haven't taken the kindle plunge, I'm er ... just not quite ready to miss the feel and smell of real paper :-/

  3. Bought my Kindle in December. How in the world did I live without it? Everything you said is true!

  4. I go nowhere without my Kindle. I love it too. And I love that my hubby gave it to me.

    Happy Valentine's Day. May your life be full of love, reading, writing, and creative fun.

  5. Oh, that is so sad! We love our Kindle and oh, my husband. Well, of course we love our husbands, they bought us our Kindles!

  6. This is an awesome post. What a great Valentine…I don’t have a kindle so I didn’t know you could categorize books and stuff. That’s cool. I do have a kindle reader and I love the instant gratification. I LOVE that they have free books too!

  7. Scrolled past this in my Google Reader and LOL'ed.

    Like Tim's shout out at the end.

  8. This kind of info about Kindle is what made me finally break down and get one. I LOVE not having to run to the bookstore when I new book comes out that I really want!

  9. I've been thinking of getting one myself...


  10. I have to wrestle my hubby for the kindle. We both love it. I think we'll be purchasing a 2nd one soon ;)

  11. I see some of you shared the romancing the Kindle mood with me, and maybe I've tempted a few more... Not mentioning any names (Jessica) but Kindles are not to be read in the bath if you tend to drop books.
    And what's better than a Kindle? 2 Kindles!
    PS Welcome Joy, glad you stumbled upon us :-)