Feb 15, 2011

Creating the Writer's Website

I have final, final edits to do on Dog Show Detective (and I really thought I was done, sigh), so... I decided this was a great time to get around to creating my website (I should call it charmaineclancy@procrastination.com).

A while back I ordered a text book:
Being too impatient to try exercises in importing and transferring, I decided to jump straight in with making my website. I found a website that has step by step instructions on creating a simple web page using Dreamweaver CS4. I figure I will make it fancier when I master the first steps. The site I am using (and so far, so good) is:

What I've realised is that it would be a good idea to plan what you want on your website, before you create it. As I'm a budding writer and yet to publish, I'd like my site to be a little personal and a place to share my works-in-progress. The first bit I need to write? 'About Me'. A friend of mine was writing a short blurb about herself for a magazine she writes for and commented that it's very hard to write about yourself. She was right. This is my first draft, but I expect it to change radically before my site goes up:

Charmaine writes for children and young adults in the genres of mystery and fantasy. She loves all things Agatha Christie and is often watching those around her with suspicious eyes, on the off chance they ever do commit a cleverly mastered crime.

When not searching for hidden clues, Charmaine teaches topics such as English, Spanish and Media Studies at a small, friendly high-school in her home town. She lives in a country cottage with her patient husband, creative children, naughty dogs, adored cat, productive chickens and a confused bunny. Students, family, friends and pets provide endless inspiration for Charmaine's stories. They also act as a great test audience, in fact, BooBoo the bunny pointed out several flaws in her last manuscript.

How would you describe yourself? Really - I WANT to know!

If you are in the process of learning how to make a website, but don't like manuals or reading instructions, I also found this simple and helpful video clip:

 And I love Gabrielle Wang's website, do you have a favourite author site?


  1. I haven't ventured into web design. I'm challenged enough with the blog. You're brave. Thanks for the tips. I hope you get your Dog Detective novel published soon. It sounds so great.

  2. Oh, I'm really bad at writing my "about me", too.

    But I totally want to learn more about web design I hate to be reliant on someone else for tech stuff, so I usually muddle through on my own, or ask a friend to help me figure it out

    Great post!

  3. Hey, that's pretty good. I recently re-wrote mine (to see it go to my blog and click biography-ish). After reading your I realize I don’t even talk about the “right now”.

  4. You are brave to venture into web design! And I like your self description a lot. It makes me want to come live in your happy, animal-filled house. :-)

  5. Mary - You're quite brave too, you are always taking on new projects, loved your photography.

    Tere - Yes, the 'muddle through' approach was tested, but about six months later and no website to show for it, I had to finally give in and read instructions. Sigh.

    Holly - You have plenty of content to make up for it in your site, I need to do less web playing and more writing :-)

    Rosslyn - Thanks, it is a fun-filled house (unless everyone is sick and we're all quarantined together - then it can start getting a little narky).

  6. Ouch! Web page building is headache inducing.

  7. I must have been carried away with posting my comment, because I also meant to say your draft is attention getting

  8. Thanks Al :) and yes, web page building does require a few choice curse words to be mumbled at the exact right moment.

  9. I love the bit about the animals on your blurb :o) Part of my final writing course assignment is to write a blurb about myself. Not looking forward to it!