May 7, 2010

Word Play

Miss 12 tackled Adobe Photoshop and InDesign the other day to create a Japanese postcard for a school project. I've taken some graphic design courses, and I still struggle (and sometimes swear) when I use these programs. Kids have a great system for learning new things - it's called play

Play seems to come natural to the young of species. Puppies tackle each other and tug on ears to learn how to fight one day. Kittens pounce on balls of string to learn how to catch food. Kids play by pressing buttons (especially if it's shiny red and says DON'T TOUCH).

Kids play to learn, we need to learn to play.

When kids read, they want to play in the story. If we want to create that environment for them, then we need to play too.

There are so many fun ways we can play with our writing. Yesterday I finished editing Chapter One of Dog Show Detective. Completely finished. This is the second draft and it's the final draft. That's because the editing course I took How To Revise Your Novel, taught me how to plan the edit thoroughly so you only do it once. I was so excited, it was time to play!

From Scrivener, I saved the chapter as a text file and transferred it to my Kindle. I wanted my family to read the first copy as if it were an actual downloaded book. It was so cool to see my book and my name in the menu amongst all the other books! I even listened to my book by using the voice narration on Kindle (by now I was jumping up and down like a kid high on jellybeans).

Then I visited Wordle. Here is Chapter One - The Find from Dog Show Detective in art form!
What fun apps or games have you come across for writing or inspiring? Wanna play?


  1. I love using Wordle. It helps me find those over used words in the ms. I just did one yesterday and was thrilled when Just didn't show up! :)

  2. Wordle is so neat! It must have been neat to see your name and your book's title on Kindle!

  3. Love Wordle and now I'm hooked on these silly little vids. I'm not sure how much either helps in my writing, but the play time is great for my brain ;)

  4. I love that Wordle art! Thanks for mentioning it...I'll have to go over and try it.

  5. Wordle is so fun! I have an award for you - and one for your girls - at my blog today. :-)

  6. Man, now I can't remember which blog I followed you over here from. Oh well I am now a new follower.

    Nice to meet ya!

    Today's guest bloggers are Lisa and Laura Roecker!

  7. Jemi - this was my first time trying Wordle, but I can see myself going back!

    Aubrie - it was cool :-)

    Jaydee - yes, the brain, we're doing it all for the brain *winks*

    Rossslyn - it is fun!

    Shannon - You're just too beautiful! Will be right over :-)

    Mathew - Welcome! Nice to meet you :-) Look forward to reading about your guest bloggers.

  8. Okay, I'm on my way over to check out Wordle. How can I not have heard about this before? How fun!

  9. How cool that you could transfer your book to your Kindle!

    Straight From Hel

  10. A post I needed to read today! I've been so bogged down with angst this week -- I didn't play once. This weekend, I'll change that! Thanks for the reminder :))

    Congrats on chapter one edits! Best of luck with the whole project.

    I left you a little award today on my blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh, those are fun. I tried to get blogfrog on my blog, but it didn't work. I like that list of visitors and what they've written lately. Other fun stuff, my boys are into electronics. I just sit and marvel at all the bells and whistles.