Apr 15, 2010

L is for Links - lots a' links

L is for LINKS!
I've collated some fantastic links here on the craft of writing fiction, these links are focused on tips for writing - the do's and don'ts. They're worth bookmarking and reading through:
And... (because I didn't want to get left out) a link to one of my previous posts on opening lines:

L is for Love and I love followers!
Just a reminder that time is almost running out to enter the book giveaway contest - you get to choose two of the books I've found most helpful in writing and editing. I LOVE these books and want to send you a brand new copy! Just go HERE or click on the image below for the entry form and details - open worldwide but only to followers :-)


  1. I'm going to be busy for awhile reading all of these great tips! Thanks!!

  2. This is great! I need all the help I can get. :o)

    haha thanks for your comment. I keep imagining you dry retching with the puppies! Don't worry I was an hysterical mess with the calf and screamed down the phone at the vet's receptionist! :o)

  3. These look great, I love links, fascinating post! Thank you~

  4. Woo hoo - love these links!

    Thanks :)

  5. Wow. Lots of links is right. :) Thanks.

  6. Lot of wonderful links and great tips. Love the doggie photos, too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Links and lists -- we have something in common here. My eye went right to the 8 Unstoppable Rules for Writing Killer Short Stories. I need that one, so off I go. Thanks!

  8. I love the post and I am going to have to go over to some of those links and get some great ideas! Thanks so much for posting this one!

  9. Happy to have provided yet more distractions from actual writing ;-)