Apr 14, 2010

K is for Kindle

There's been a technological war going on in our house. My husband is ashamed of me - I want a Kindle more than an iPad. It's like I've turned against the Apple church.

I know he loves me, I've proof of that - he upped our download quota to 50GB per month, nothing hearts more than downloads :-). And he's not giving up on my Mac soul either, he scours the web for the zillion blogs and articles that support the holy iPad as 'The One'.

I fell in love with Kindle books a while ago. Now I read them on my iPhone. I LOVE that I have my book with me all the time, but the downside is the screen is so small and I need my font large enough, that it just shows a paragraph at a time. The backlight is also an issue for me, I find I can only read a couple of chapters before my eyes get sore.

The iPad is not yet released in Australia, almost the whole country will be waiting to see how cool it is when it comes out (except my dad who asked me 'What's an iPad?' when we were in the Mac store). And it's cool. I do want one (eventually), I want it for the cool apps, watching tv shows and the internet browsing, but my priority is an e-reader and that's where the iPad is not impressing me. I'm hoping the backlight won't be as intrusive as the iPhone, but I'm dubious. The only thing that has tempted be toward the iPad is that you get your books in colour. Come on Kindle, why aren't you fighting back with a colour version? Help me out here.

Want more comparisons?
Click on the picture for an article comparing the iPad vs Kindle vs a Weimaraner:


  1. hmmm... can I say the dog looks cuter? :o)

  2. I want a kindle...yes, improvements are needed. I thought about K for Kindle, but since I don't have one, I figured my post would be listing why I want it! Nothing like a debate in the house! We like what we like!

  3. I'm not into electronic gadgets - I might use my cell phone five times a year. I'll take the puppy.

    Though, I hate to admit, I've been thinking about the kindle lately. I haven't succumbed yet - but I'm thinking about one.

  4. Books in color? I don't know if that's a big deal. Most of my novels are in black and white print except for the cover...


  5. Hi,
    My daughter, Teresa, gave me a Sony e-reader for Christmas and I love it!I can download books that are free (public domain) and it is wonderful. She gave her husband a Kindle (which is more expensive) but that is fine with me, since the e-reader is enough for me. I can carry it with me, to appointments, so it is great to have.
    Best regards,

  6. I just got an e-reader. I've loved what I've used of it so far, but I have such a backlog of actual paper books to read, I haven't gotten to it much. It will be great for vacation, though, when I usually pack a hundred books and 2 changes of clothes (not really, but you get the point). I can't stand the backlight, so I can see where the IPad might be an issue.