Aug 25, 2009

No time to finish that novel?

As soon as I felt the craving to get back into finishing my children's novel The Pirate Girl (possible choice out of... well not many yet), I had to have a chuckle at myself.

Yes this is the time to pick up the writing craft, when I am approaching the last run of my Graduate Diploma in Education at Uni, undertaking Prac teaching experience for 5 weeks, making costumes for my kids' school plays and parades, grooming a dog for show that needs to have his hair stripped back regularly and generally taking care of the family. Yep, I definitely needed something to fill all those quiet times.

Of course once I looked like I was making progress with The Pirate Girl I also just had to start a new series of children's mystery books about a dog show detective.

In order to inspire me to keep writing I took on the online writing course How to Think Sideways (which so far is brilliant by the way), because obviously it would help me to find more time to write if I had yet another obligation to fulfill.

You know what? It did. For some reason my schedule does not run well on empty, but fill it up and give me deadlines, and I absolutely whizz through tasks and seem to think more clearly. I am once again filling my days up with my much loved 'To Do' list (categorised and sub-categorised) and my creative ideas are rushing in again. I fill every spare moment with words (thus at 3.30 am, with the wind whistling and my tin roof clanking and while I'm unable to sleep, I am writing this blog).

I guess it's like they say "If you want something done, give it to a busy person to do", so it would make sense that if you want to do something new, make it seem like you wouldn't possibly have time, then you'll do it!

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  1. *cracks up at you* You're worse than I am, Charm, and I never EVER thought I'd be able to say that about anyone, EVER! Ha! *grin* g'luck wiff it all :D