Aug 22, 2009

Creative versus Creation

Browsing through other writer's blogs, I've notice a lot of advertisements for writing software. My mind has been racing. Does the software write the novel for you? Is it like the online poetry creation sites that I use with year 7 students - where they enter names, colours, nouns and verbs into boxes and the computer puts them out into a generic poem?
Do you just give the program a general plot outline and away it goes? Or does it just prompt you along the way for what comes next, like a pop up box "time for a conflict"?

Do writers who use these tools get published? Do they get all credit or is there a little hyperlink on every manuscript? If they do get published are we going to be bombarded with a range of one story for each genre with just the names and places changed? If a computer creates it is it still creative?

I love when one little thing can spark a whole quest for answers in our mind. I don't really need the answers, it's the questions I enjoy.

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