Apr 7, 2014

Undead Kev has risen! Children's book launch and prizes.

My Zombie DogTo celebrate the launch of my new book, Undead Kev, I'll be giving away a Kindle and Amazon Gift Card!
When I wrote My Zombie Dog, a favourite amongst zombie-loving kids, teachers and grandparents, I never imagined turning the story into a series. The little undead dog told her story and that was the end of that. Until ...
My Zombie Dog told the story of Zane, a teenage boy, who receives a horrible dog for his birthday. The dog dies, the dog rises... and there the adventure begins. However, one character who appeared just briefly won the hearts of many readers; his name is Kev.
I received emails, messages and pleas from readers to write another story with more Kev time. I wasn't so sure, but Kev thought it was a great idea. So... Undead Kev was created. Here's a little about the book:

Undead Kev kids zombie books great read


Kev was strange, sluggish and smelled disgusting ... and that was before he became a zombie!
Zane and Kev, best mates forever. Side by side, they’ve been through crayon chewing (Kev), nose picking (Kev), and losing their trunks in the public pool (yep, that was Kev, too). They even faced the zombie apocalypse together... until Kev got bit. 
 Can their friendship survive if Kev is a zombie? 
 Zane feels guilty and blames himself for Kev’s condition. Kev blames him too. But then Kev is kidnapped by invisible stealth-monkeys and taken to an evil government facility to be their next experiment. Will Zane be brave enough to rescue his ex-best buddy and save the friendship?

To celebrate the rising of Undead Kev I'm having a launch party and you're all invited! I'll be running an online book tour for Undead Kev and there will be some cool prizes; you could win a Kindle or an Amazon gift card, just by participating!
Win a kindle
The competition will run from now until the 31st of May and you can enter by:
  1. Purchasing a copy of Undead Kev
  2. Purchasing one of my other books (My Zombie Dog, or Dognapped? A dog show detective mystery)
  3. Blog about the book launch
To enter by purchasing one of my books, simply keep your receipt/order number and pop it into the rafflecopter entry form below. Hang onto your receipt for verification if you win! Purchases from the 1st of March to the 31st of May will be valid.

To enter by blogging, simply create a blog about the book launch, or email me for a pre-prepared blog post (this come in html format, you simply cut and paste it into your blog post. You can of course edit this post to suit your readers). Alternatively, email me some questions and I'll answer them interview style, or review the book in a blog post, including links to where the book can be purchased and to this competition page.
The winner will be announce here on the blog (and contacted via email) June 4th.


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  1. Congrats on the book release! Undead Kev sounds like a lot of fun... :)

  2. Looking forward to reading it, Charmaine.

  3. Well done on the new book, Charmaine - sounds great fun!

  4. Hi Charmaine,
    I Blogged about your Kindle giveaway and UNDEAD Kev .
    Please check it out ... http://www.karentyrrell.com/launching-undead-kev-free-kindle-giveaway/
    Karen :)

  5. Congrats Charmaine on the launch of Undead Kev.
    I've just purchased your book and entered your competition ... TWICE! ... Karen :)

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)