Jul 25, 2010

A Writer's To Do List

Must find motivation to... nah.

I always feel productive when I write to-do lists, although, really I'm just using it as a tool to put off the actual 'doing'. This week I have a certain focus:
  • Book into the Brisbane Writers Festival and the master classes. My first ever festival!
  • Edit Dog Show Detective - almost done, then I get to learn about the querying/synopsis process. *is a bit scared*
  • Convince my husband that it's a good idea that I book into the Brisbane Writers Festival and master classes (after I book).
  • Write an awkward chapter I have for The Warracknabeal Kids, which I'm not sure why it's there and will probably delete during edits.
  • Continue with the amazing 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program.
  • Blog, blog, blog! Probably about the reasons writers should absolutely attend writers' festivals and book into master classes.
  • Tidy my writing nook and clean the house.
  • Book my girls into the junior writers program in the Brisbane Writers Festival, let them know about it, get them all hyped up about going, and, then I'll just have to go.
Follower numbers have been increasing, which means... another big book giveaway coming up! Any day now, so:


  1. To do lists are great. The trick is to not approach them as that cute kittie (in the photo) would.

  2. To do lists rock and yours is awesome. I hope you have a great time at the festival and get a lot out of the master classes. :)

  3. The festival is a definite 'must do'. I used to go to the Melbourne one religiously every year and got so much out of it. When is the Brissy one? Doubtful that I will be able to go, but it's nice to entertain these flights of fancy every now and then.

  4. I write my to do lists and then bury them so I don't have to look at everything I need to get done!

  5. Ooh, I love to make to do lists too! Actually, I just love making lists in general :)

  6. Sounds like a great To Do list. Have fun getting ready for the festival!! :)

  7. Thanks guys - I'm really looking forward to the festival - I know there would be one on locally sooner or later, but it feels more like a real writers' festival if I have to travel!

    Kaz - We'll talk ;-j

  8. Oooh...to do lists! They can be a pain in the rear, but they definitely help to keep you motivated!

  9. Oh! How exciting about the Brisbane Writer's Festival. You have to let us know everything about the festival. I missed out on the Sydney one this year. Everything I wanted to attend had been booked out. lol. Serves me right for doing things last minute.