Apr 2, 2014

Focus Days - IWSG post

My scattered brain has trouble keeping up with writing, blogging, studying and teaching lately, so I'm lucky to have a friend like Denise Covey to remind me today is the Insecure Writers Support Group day! 

It's not surprising that I almost (and sometimes do) forget to post for IWSG each month, I've always had trouble working on multiple projects at once. My mind becomes distracted by all my other to-do tasks. Now I've been introduced to a new time management system that seems to work well, perhaps you'll get some use out of it too.

Focus Days.

Jillanne, a friend from Vannguard Writers, explained that she juggles multiple novels by giving each a focus day. I like this idea, because I also need to focus on my current studies for my Master of Letters that I'm undertaking through Central Queensland University. Basically, each writing project is given a day, and on that day, I don't let myself wander into research for the other projects. Now I can't spend a whole day on writing, as there are other tasks I need to attend to, such as marketing, sales, writing workshops, studies, teaching, etc, etc. Instead I allocate roughly half a day to each novel. I split my day into sections. Here's my current schedule (the blank spaces are for notes on what I've accomplished or what my goal is for that day).
I leave Sunday off, because if I scheduled EVERY day, I would be exhausted!

Undead Kev News

I'm running a blog tour for my new novel Undead Kev. There are some very cool prizes, including a Kindle!
If you'd like to sign up, the post and details are at: http://charmaineclancy.com/undeadkev/
Now I know there's the whole Blogger versus Wordpress issues for some people, so I'll also post the details and sign-up link here in the next day or two.


  1. Ho ho Charmaine. Did I also give you the idea of posting your chart?! Very pretty. I'd faint if I put all my projects on a chart. I'd rather quietly plug along so my brain doesn't get too frazzled.

    Lately WP isn't letting me comment. I'm practically giving up on trying. There are some blogs that let me. I wonder what they do differently?

    All the best with the Undead Kev giveaway!


    1. Denise you're so organised, you probably don't need time management tools like this. And I don't know why WP and Blogger can't just live in harmony, but until they sort out their differences, it's easier just to repost on both sites.

  2. I like this idea!

    I am retiring from teaching at the end of this year, and I wondered how I was going to organize my writing next year when I "write full time." I was afraid I would end up scatterbrained and accomplishing not much of anything. I will see if this works for me!

    1. Good luck Dianne, I find I have to try something new about every 6months to keep my attention.

  3. Souns like a good way to write multiple books and give each the attention they need. I may have to try it.

  4. Ooh, that "focus days" chart is such a great idea. I hope it helps you accomplish heaps! :)

  5. I like the idea and do this once a week with blogging and commenting. It works for me. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette