Jun 22, 2013

RFW: Wedding Writing Prompt

Don't forget the huge competition celebrating the release of DOGNAPPED? 
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Romantic Friday Writers have a great writing prompt for June, and that's a wedding!  Go over and sign up, write yourself a short story or scene that includes a wedding theme - will your bride wear white?
I Do...Do You?
It’s embarrassing for me when you say goodbye and I don’t leave. My linger becomes uncomfortable for us both. So, I think, my dearest, that you should stop saying goodbye.
No, don’t speak. Keep this moment suspended, I hope forever. I know I’ve said it before, many times, too many to recall. But I’m here with you where I always want to be.
My sweet, beautiful love, oh there, I’ve said it first. Love. I thought I’d be afraid once the promise slipped my lips. I’m not you know. It feels right. Love. A truth that passes between us.
I’ve declared what we both already knew. There are no questions left. This must be done. Tell her. It really is the kindest thing to do.
The crease of your brow betrays your worry. Bad timing. I know. She’s somewhere right now sliding into that ridiculous white gown. She’ll be devastated. Calm your concerns my darling one. When she sees what must be she’ll forgive us. And she will see, for neither of us could conceal our feelings anymore, we glow with our love, our future intertwined reads like a happy neon sign upon our smiles. She’ll be happy for us, and it will free her. You could never care for her the way you care for me.
Tomorrow will be too late, so I won’t go. Don’t say goodbye, I’ll never leave. Don’t say 'goodbye', or 'get out' or 'I have a restraining order'. Those are just words.
Your denial cuts me. It slices through my soul, a ribbon on its handle. My pain gushes from the wound. How can you pretend to be unaware of our connection?
I see I’ve hurt you too my love. There’s shock in your eyes, they reflect the red of my open wrists, the stain of our destiny. It’s not too late. And you, my handsome groom, can join me. My sister may have the white taffeta dress, but I’ll have you. My blade of truth punctures your sweet throat and now your love finally flows and mingles with mine. As we crumble, our vows spread into a glossy red heart, framing us, this will be our wedding portrait.
365 words


  1. Eeeark, gurgle...I was waiting for something, not sure what, but you got me there! Now I feel you need to do a workshop on horror. This is one wedding that will never take place.

    The last two paragraphs were a wonderful culmination to the whole story. Well done you.


    PS...You haven't linked this so I will do it now...D

  2. A doomed love and wedding. Those stains will never come out!

  3. Ghastly! So of course I love it. And he does have a HEA, for the dying sister, at least. Love, betrayal, murder-suicide; all the creepiness of the Crypt Keeper.

    Well done keeping to the theme and adding a unique twist Charmaine.

    Thanks for participating with RFW this month with your grisly tale. Never would have thought of it from you . . .


  4. Crikey! I wasn't expecting murder/suicide.

  5. That is one powerful flash, double death do us unite/part! Loved it entirely. Brilliant.

  6. Finally, someone else chose murder, yeah!

    Loved it, deliciously told!

    I am smiling!

  7. June 27th, 2013

    Dear Charmaine,
    Oh my!
    This is an unusual take on the wedding theme!
    Creepy and well written.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's RFW - June Wedding

  8. Back for judging Charmaine...even better with the re read. :)

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