May 23, 2013

Writing for Challanges - RFW - and Win a Kindle!

A great way to keep your writing skills sharp is to challenge your writing. Romantic Friday Writers provide great prompts each month. This month the challenge was to tell a story in letters. I've had a go with a 'love' story (okay, I'm yet to successfully write a romantic story) using blog posts:

Smash the Rules! Darren's Blog

Posted Jan 21, 2012
Wassup dudes!!!
It’s official. Dead Lizards have disbanded!!! Josh reckons he’ll be this big star on his own now just 'cause he made the cut for 'Teens got Talent'. That show sucks big-time, I’m glad I didn’t get it—the judges were so full of themselves.
Anyway, I’m still jamming, banging away my beats. Need a new kit, but the olds reckon I can make do with these old drums. They keep naggin’ me to get a job. As if. It’s bad enough Jenny has to work so many extra shifts lately—we hardly see each other! Need that dosh though for when we move in together. So it’s all good.
Keep Rockin’ dudes!

Posted July 12, 2012
Haven’t posted for a while. Yeah, a bit of a hiatus. Last time I blogged was January. Wow. You guys still out there? No? Dust-bunnies? Reading my last post blows my mind. Everything was so much better then. 
Now it’s dark times my friends, dark times.
Jenny bailed. Kept saying she was too busy to come around. Her Mum told me what was going on 'cause I kept ringing and, get this, Jen wasn’t even living there anymore! She’s shacked up with Scott! Now he’s a freakin' finalist for that crap show. I swear it’s rigged. No way are people voting for him.
If you’re reading this Jen, I’m all changed. Not touching the weed and I’m looking for a job—just like you wanted. Inbox me. We need to talk girl. Shit’s no good without you.

Posted August 20, 2012
Still no job. Interviews suck anyway. One dude actually told me I have a 'bad attitude'. They can get stuffed.
No Jen. I called her mobile a million times. Eventually freakin’ Scott answers and threatens to bash my head in if I don’t 'leave her alone'. Left her a few ripe messages letting her know I hate her anyway and what I’d do if I saw her. She’s such a bitch, she got the cops on me and now there’s a 'restraining order'. My olds went ballistic.

Posted November 24, 2012
The olds threw me out!
They found my stash and said it was 'the last straw', whatever that freakin' means. They reckon they’re sick of me sleeping in every day and lying about the drugs. Well, derrr! Of course I take drugs, I’m bloody depressed ain’t I?!!!
Anyway, my phone’s out of credit, so I’m posting from the library. Who ever thought I’d step inside one of these?
Got no digs for tonight, but it’s all cool. Got a plan.
Going out in a blaze of glory! Blaze of freakin’ glory.
Look out Jen, might stop by your new place on my way out. Show you what I think of your f*%#ing restraining order!
Gotta go, the stuck up bitch librarian keeps giving me the evil eye.
If there’s anyone left in the blogasphere reading this, how about taking part in my new poll? Most votes decide.

You think Darren should:
A. Tell them all to get f*%#ed
B. Smash Scott in the nose
C. Blaze of Glory

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  1. Dang, now I want to know what happened! Great post!

  2. You have such a fine voice for romance Charmaine. You crafted your character with such finesse, lol! I guffawed all the way through. What's going to happen now? You bin watchin' de Voice??

    See ya soon


  3. Said it all, poor pitiful Darren. Nicely done!

  4. What a guy! I do hope he manages to get his life together. I think you captured his voice so accurately. I know some youngsters who seem to think like this.

  5. Wonderful OF COURSE. Such a clear picture of a mental state. But how do you know my ex son-in-law?

    1. LOL Marian - I've met your ex SIL many times over! I think they've got some degenerate cloning tool out there :)

  6. Dark romance is still romance Charmain :) Loved the voice and verbiage. Lots of character in these excerpts; tells an unstable story that everyone but the author can see through. Well done.

    Thanks for participating with RFW this month Charmaine. This was truly unique.


  7. Hi, Charmaine. I thought it was quite interesting. Makes me want to know what happens next.

  8. You played up Darren so well I almost feel sorry for him. Hope he gets his act together.

  9. Intriguing and clever. Loved the idea of blogposts. The voice reminds me of the cathcher in the rye, the same perfection.

  10. LOL. Great voice and the blog carries the story narrative very well.

  11. You really captured the voice and attitude of (one) disaffected youth. Darren has had several wake-up calls - let's hope he will reassess his situation.

  12. Very fun and clever, Charmaine! I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this entry.

    I posted mine, realizing I ran out of time! I will post my intro for Dognapped tomorrow!

    I hope the sun is shining and you are having a GLORIOUS day!

  13. I like this story told in blog posts.