May 17, 2013

How do you write gooder?

As part of the Progressive Book Club run by the entertaining, witty and dashingly charming M L Swift (what do you mean it sounds like I'm sucking up just because my post is late?), today I'm reporting back on our latest read:

I'm quite particular about my 'how to' books and complain if they are too vague or self-serving (used as a platform to sell their own products). Although 'How to Write Good' does not contain a lot of structured exercises, it does give good advice.

Especially helpful and motivating for the new writer, this book guides you through the common pitfalls of writing and how to get over them (mostly, by not worrying so much about 'writing good').

I enjoyed much of the humour and actually implemented some of the advice into my writing group activities. The 'gold' I took from this book was to decide what is important to you. Where do you stand on certain issues and how much do you care? That's what you should write about. Write about it loud and proud and often.

This one's worth a go.


To celebrate the release of my new kids' novel, Dognapped? A Dog Show Detective Mystery, I'm offering some cool prizes in the upcoming blog tour. You could win a Kindle Fire or Amazon gift card just for participating!

The official release date will be Wednesday May 22. Bloggers can post on that date (Dognapped? will be free for the 22nd and 23rd) or whenever suits their schedule. Any exposure is good and very much appreciated. The competition will run until July 7 and anyone who blog or purchases a copy of Dognapped? (yes, even a free copy) can enter.

Want to take part? If you sign up below, I'll send you a pre-written blog post in html format that you can just paste straight into your blog, or, if you'd prefer to do an interview, review the book (I can send you a free review copy), or have a topic you'd like me to post about, email me at: Let the fun begin!

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  1. Ah, love 'how to' books. Haven't read this one. All the best for Dognapped? Began reading it. Great stuff. D

  2. Ooo... that sounds like a good writing book. Good luck with your tour!

  3. Hi Charmaine - I'm happy to feature you on my Flights of Imagination blog on Monday 3rd June, if that would suit you. Maybe you could email me on ros_gemmell(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll tell you what I need.

    1. Sounds great Rosemary! I'll send you an email :)

  4. Thanks for the post on the book-- so far I've only read good feedback about it. I'm going to have to get this one. I love books that remind me to listen to my own inner voice. Sometimes it's so easy to go with the crowd flow, but my gut tells me that's not for me most of the time. Gotta know when to play along a little and when to stick to your guns.

  5. Hi, Charmaine. I look forward to reading your new book.

  6. Congrats on the release. I'll post the info you send on the 22nd.

    Good luck with the tour.


  7. Wow Charmaine; that's a beautifully done post. I already received it in my e-mail and have it set up and scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd. Good luck with the launch and giveaway :)


  8. I read his other book, will keep an eye out for this one. Good luck with the book launch, will stick a link up on my blog.


  9. I'm excited for your blog tour! Can't wait.

    And you seemed to take away the same that I did from the book. Not a life changer by any means (unless this is your first day in class), but definitely entertaining with some quality advice to help get over the hurdles. Thanks!

    The entertaining, witty, dashingly charming M.L. Swift, Writer

  10. Charmaine:

    I sent you some interview questions via Sir Poops and Hair Ball. They'll be posting for Wednesday, May 22nd. And I can post something on Secondhand Shoes blog at a later date.

    Hugs and chocolate,

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