Sep 5, 2012

Insecure Romantic Writing in 3 Pages

I am a prolific writer.

Um, not always.

Actually that first line is an affirmation I repeat when I meditate. I know I CAN be a prolific writer, I've had days when I poured out pages and pages of work. I even managed the 30,000 words in 3 days challenge. But then life starts seeping back in. During those times I struggle to write anything. One suggestion I've come across many times is to write morning pages. 

When you wake up, you write three pages, free-writing style. It doesn't matter what you write, it can include grocery lists, dreams, grievances or story ideas. The idea is to dump all the clutter in your brain, so you're free to write. 

In my morning pages I've come across a character called Rosie. Rosie is in her late 30's, single, overweight and has a bit of an attitude problem. She pops into my morning pages with snarky snippets of her life.


  1. I thought the story was great, nice progression from hope to reality. Not sure what a sugar satchel is (sachet? or maybe I'm just not hip to coffee culture)), but no suggestions, seems pretty perfect as is.

    Moody Writing

  2. Nice pick up Moody! I loved this Charmaine. Gripping, cheeky, fluid. If this is your morning style, perhaps you should get up even earlier.

  3. You're right Moody, it should read sachet! Thanks :)

    Dimity, you're just gorgeous, thanks hun.

  4. A great piece which seemed to flow effortlessly. I loved the voice too.
    I'm a firm advocate of free writing - it definitely works.

  5. I enjoyed the story and it spoke with a great voice, as well. Nice job :)

  6. LOL! Your story is hilarious!!!
    And I LOVE the idea of free-writing to get everything out of your head in the morning. I think I need to do that before I go to bed. What a great idea

  7. That was funny!
    Three pages in the morning from me wouldn't even be legible, let alone make any sense.

  8. Charmaine, this is hilarious. So well written too.

    Because of you, I'm starting tomorrow -morning pages it is. I wrote them for so many years then stopped. I have tons of notebooks full of thought that will never be read.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Great story Charmaine! Love this character! May she be the star of many more stories! Bogart and Bacall - hmm. Dreamy!

    Love the practice of freewriting too! Get the old subconscious going before we're fully conscious.


  10. Rosie will now be my new muse :) Except I think she might like evenings and wine; I can barely see in the morning. I've used blogging to get my writing started though, sometimes commenting organizes my thoughts.

    I loved this story Charmaine. Rosie has excellent voice, and she's so spunky. The progression was perfect too.


  11. This is too funny. It reminded me of a hairdresser who would ask every man that sat in her chair out on a date.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  12. I love your humour, great writing.

  13. Wonderful story, and I loved that she was the one in control and took it. Great character!

  14. LOL! Aw, poor Rosie! (And poor Red Tie Guy!)

    That morning pages idea struck terror into my heart, I have to say. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  15. Dear Charmaine,
    What a funny/sad story! Well done. But I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.
    What a good idea to write three pages in the morning, to clear your mind of cob webs.
    I agree with Donna's comment, but I don't think I'll make Rosie my muse, my son, as he was when he was about four years old, is my muse when writing children's stories.
    I wish I could write. I am constantly doing all sorts of practical things and find my characters tapping me on the shoulder when I am walking to the grocery store (I don't own a car).
    And now I must go. I wanted to write more, but my daughter needs nose-spray for the sniffles so good-bye for now...
    Thank you for your kind words about my post.
    Best wishes,
    RFW - I should have kissed you

  16. Hi Charmaine
    Rosie is a great character. I'd be so mortified if I'd been her. Wonderful story, I was sitting in that chair with her.

  17. Hi Charmaine,

    Rosie is an interesting character. Sounds like she lives mostly in her head. I know someone like that.

  18. Hi, Charmaine! Rosie is a great character. Your story made me think back to some of the dates I went on before meeting my hubby. : )

  19. Hi again Charmaine! Came back for my second reading. Rosie shines! But she loves her coffee, so will she be able to resist it?

  20. Just wanted you to know you inspired me to get into the challenge. Just posted my entry.

    Love Rosie!

  21. This was a fun read. Liked it a lot.

  22. Well done! Rosie is easy to relate to in this short piece. I can see myself making the same mistake she did. Too funny!

  23. Hi Charmaine. Your story made me laugh. I think it flowed well and was engaging. The cons of blind dating. :)

  24. Hi,

    Fun read all round, just an inkling that things might go awry and of course it all went pear-shaped. Loved the sparky protagonist, her wit and humour, hopes and desires, and the "I'm out of here" mind-set. Brilliant! ;)


  25. Oh the poor thing!! She must have been so humiliated! I sure would have been! Charmaine, I loved this! It was so flawless and witty! I wouldn't say she had an attitude problem.. she just needs a little more confidence! Come on Rosie!! You can do it! :)

  26. Rosie is adorable, i instantly fell in love with her. Would love to read more of her, red tie by damned :D

  27. Lovely opening. Gives us a great glimpse of Rosie.

  28. I like that kind of writing where you dump what's in your brain. Freestyle! Go back later and clean it up but just write for the moment now.

  29. HI, Charmaine,

    Our posts have film noir in common, only mine isn't anywhere near as COMICAL as this was.

    Very fun read. I like your voice and style. Rosie is a scream and SO typically human... a chunky girl wanting a stud, thinks she has one, and then when her "real" average middle-aged dude shows up, she runs for her life.

    Nicely done... I needed a good laugh this morning.

  30. Ha! Great story.
    The thought of 30,000 words in 3 days just boggles my mind.

  31. What a great character. I wonder who I'd meet doing morning pages. I tend to write late at night and early in the morning, but with an outline. I should do some free writing, too.

  32. I was right there with Rosie when she was fighting her insecurities, determined to overcome them. My favorite line: What would Lauren Bacall do?