Jul 23, 2012

Marketing your ebook and links

Today you'll find a post by me over at Romantic Friday Writers. The post is all about marketing your novel once you've published, and has some helpful tips for self-publishers. Please head over and say hello!

So that my blog is not completely empty this week, here are some fantastic links on story structure and finding a formula for your plot:
  1. The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot
  2. Structure by Screenplay Mastery
  3. Get a Little Conflict in Your Scene
  4. Writing Novels - Formulas and Structures
  5. How to Write Your Novel Using a Formula
  6. Story Structure and Plot - Novel Writing Tips
  7. Plot and Pacing Part OnePlot and Pacing Part Two and Plot and Pacing Part Three
  8. Story Elements Checklist for Brainstorming Index Cards
  9. Writing Lessons by Richard Setlowe
  10. Novel Endings 


  1. A great post at RFW Charmaine. Thanks for sharing your experience and the links.
    Thanks for all the other 'writer's helpers' too!

  2. Thanks Denise, it was awesome getting to be on your blog!

  3. Cool links, cheers. Will head over and check out your guest post.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  4. I'll check out the links later. Now I'm heading over to the other blog.


  5. Number ten has my attention ... Shall pop over to check it out. Thank you for all of the links, C. Especially your guest post.

  6. Thanks Charmaine. I'm going over to RFW to read your post.

  7. I loved your guest blog on marketing; great tips! And thanks for the useful links!

  8. Those are some great links. Will definitely check them out. :-D

  9. Loved your RFW post. Excellent!