Apr 29, 2012

Z is for Zombies!

Zombies are the only monster that actually gives me the heebie-jeebies. When I was about five or six, my parents went to the drive-in to see a late night zombie flick, assuming I'd stay fast asleep on the back seat. I woke towards the end, just in time to see a mob of zombies rip through the wall of a house and attack the only survivors inside. I was not able to watch another zombie movie after that until peer-pressured to see Shaun of the Dead - I still shivered.

But I got tougher and after freaking out when Hubby bought home The Walking Dead TV series, I actually sat and watched it with him... if by 'watched' I can count running in and out of the room several times screaming. It's now one of my favourite shows (although I still can't look most of the time) and I am addicted to the graphic novel of the same name. I even have a PINTEREST board of ZOMBIES.

It might seem silly that I wrote a kids horror zombie story, MY ZOMBIE DOG, when I can't bare to even watch a zombie flick. But that's one of the ways this story came about. I had a fear sheet where I wrote everything that scares me. Plus I had that zombie dog that one time...

What freaks you out? (My list is very long).


  1. It's so funny how you wrote you run out of the room while watching "The Walking Dead" because that is exactly what I do when I watch with the hubby ! I love the show , but some of the scenes are just too much to bear!
    Zombies = HEE BEE GEE BEES!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. The Walking Dead is my favorite show! Can't wait for the next season to start.

    What scares me? Spiders. I had one fall from the ceiling yesterday and I let out a scream. Both hubby and son never came to my rescue. I had to kill the dang thing myself. I still shudder at the thought.


  3. My neighbors - I lock the doors at night because of people. Monsters just don't do it for me. Oh and My Zombie Dog sounds wonderful. I do believe, my granddaughters would love it.

  4. A great subject for your z post.
    Most enjoyable to read.


  5. Yeah. That's funny. Lady scared of zombies writes of zmbie dog. Maybe it's called facing your fear.

  6. I love zombies. I'm only scared of the dark. But as long as I have my zombie dog or my flashlight talisman, I'm okay!

  7. Mirrors in a dark room give me the heebie-jeebies. This is from the night my older cousin stayed the night and she and my big sister told ghost stories. Being the youngest of everyone has it's disadvantages for certain. The name of your book is intriguing. I want to read it.

  8. too many things to mention---great way to finish!!

  9. Amusing story. Still not up for too many things zombie, but I've read a couple of good books.

  10. It kind of makes sense you wrote My Zombie Dog even though you're afraid of zombies. It's the best way to tap into your fears and write an awesome book :)

  11. HA ha Charmaine, I thought you must be a very fearless gal to write about zombies. I had no idea you were actually skeered of the critters. A great idea to write about them. Did you have scary music on while you wrote in the dark?

    See you tomoz?


  12. I must admit that zombies are not my favourite subject. I've tried writing about faeries, gnomes, cats, ghosts, trolls and mermaids. But not zombies.

    But you have chosen an excellent z-word to wrap up the challenge!


    Best wishes,
    Anna's A to Z the letter Z

  13. Excellent post! Love the charge to face our fears, even if we have to do it vicariously through our characters. Like Doree, my worst fear is of the dark - and like most fears, it stems from my childhood. We lived in a country where curfew for us missionaries was dark because bad stuff happened after night-fall... at least that's what they told us.

    Anyway, congrats on finishing the AtoZ!

  14. Interesting post! Fictional characters usually don't frighten me. Only those that have the possibility of being real. I actually like to watch some of the zombie movies. During the movie I might jump, but then I can go to sleep soundly. Strange, I know. Anyway, I like the way you came up with My Zombie Dog...out of a fear list. Take care and good luck!

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