Apr 27, 2012

X is for Crossing off the list.

Ok, so I'm taking some liberties with X. But I do need to cross some things off my to do list - without doing them! Gasp, shock, horror. My list is too long and it's preventing me from moving onto new projects.

Sunday I begin a the Year of the YA Novel course through my writers centre (QWC), and I need to choose a project to work on. I'm not stuck for ideas, I've just too many. Who'd have thought decision making was so hard? Here's what I've got:
  1. Historical paranormal. Starts current time, bunch of private school students travel to Gallipoli on a school excursion to commemorate Australia's role in the landing. They are dressed in various period uniforms for a performance. Through misadventure they manage to stumble into a portal and travel back to 1915. This would explore how a handful of spoilt teens would cope thrown into a war zone. They will be separated and journey to reunite. During this adventure they will each discover something about themselves, that they are smarter than they think, braver than they believe and stronger than they seem (Winnie the Pooh).
  2. Devil's kiss - 15yr old Samantha is sick of being the looser at school with no friends, but all that changes when Dee, the new foreign exchange student arrives. Dee is gorgeous, smart, athletic and funny and despite being incredibly popular, she wants to be besties with Samantha. Samantha's never been happier and the girls are inseparable. But Dee likes to play games, and one game is a little like truth and dare, only the stakes keep getting higher. Before she knows it, Samantha has willingly signed over her soul to Dee. But hey, it's just a joke right? Wrong. Turns out Dee is a daughter of the Devil. Now Samantha is destined to do something truly horrible, unless she can buy back her soul. The price? Ten other souls.
  3. If the Shoe Fits - 15 yr old Raine is considered a freak. That's ok, she's worked hard for that image. She dresses like a goth and practices witchcraft. Better for kids to think she's a freak than to know the real reason she doesn't fit in, her dad took off and her mum drinks way too much. Raine's never wanted to blend in with the normals, until the new boy arrives at school. He's troubled, hot and actually likes Raine the way she is! Unfortunately, miss perfect Sarah Sinclair is also interested in the new boy. Raine hates Sarah, she's so popular and prim and has the perfect parents. Truth is, Raine is jealous. So jealous, she wishes she could walk in Sarah's shoes for a change, and that's what happens. After a botched spell, Raine finds she's living in Sarah's body and Sarah is in hers. What Raine will discover is Sarah's life is not as perfect as it seems.
  4. 15 yr old Justin is bored with his life. His only girlfriend has lost interest and dumped him, his grades are down and his parents are on his back. Everyone accuses him of being an unmotivated sloth. Life is about to get a whole lot more exciting for Justin when he meets the sexy and mysterious Samantha Jones. Samantha is a rogue agent with the secret service. This spy thriller involves espionages, shoot outs and flesh-eating robotics.
So there you go. Eventually I'll work on each of these, but I need to make a decision for now! Any take your fancy, or which would you cross off the list?


  1. Number 1 PLEASE. Could become a movie. (My list making involves having a place to store "to do" things, and once secure on the list, can be deferred indefinitely.)

  2. Hello, Charmaine! All of these sound fantastic. I think the first one is a really unique premise, though!

    Good luck with whatever you decide and happy writing!

    Have a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

  3. My favorites are 2 and 4. I know. I'm no help. But I guess they're all great ideas whose success will depend on the development of the story. I know you'll do great, whichever one you pick.

  4. I'm not a fan of paranormal so naturally I'm attracted to #4.

  5. I'd choose in this order: 1,3,4,2. Good luck in making your final choice.

  6. I like all of these, but my favorites are 2 and 3.

  7. Hi my friend. You sure have some great ideas. You really are a course junkie! Each one of those ideas could be awesome. I'll enjoy discussing them with you!

    Won't we be pleased to see the end of April.


  8. Number 1! Number 1! Please, please, please, please??? Pretty please with Vegemite on it?

    After UNDEAD KEV, of course.

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes