Apr 21, 2012

S is for Scrivener

I listed Scrivener in my blog: 13 Best Resources for Writers, it's a amazing tool for writers and is available on Mac and PC. Here's some reasons I love Scrivener:
  • You can write your scenes and chapters into separate documents, but have them all listed in your sidebar as part of your novel project. Then you can move them around into a new order or add scenes between others. 
  • All your images and research handy in the sidebar. 
  • There are templates for character profiles and settings.
  • You can switch views to index cards, this is great for us visual people who like to chart out our story, it also helps with plot building before you start writing.
  • Scrivener AUTOMATICALLY saves as you go - no more lost manuscripts.
  • It can compile and export your files to Word, PDF or many other formats.
  • Best of all, it will format your finished manuscript into a Kindle document or other ebook format.
There are many tutorials on the Scrivener site in video format, if you're thinking of switching to this program, check those out. There are also lots of blog posts about to help you with formatting your documents and getting the most out of Scrivener. This one is a real winner, it's a list of Scrivener templates you can download to suite your genre. Want to write to a traditional mystery novel structure? Download the template - I've grabbed all of these templates, they're gold!:

At first Scrivener was only available for Mac, then they made a PC version, but soon (very soon I hope) Scrivener will come to iPad. That's exciting news for me, especially since the newest iPad just about replaces laptops. Check out the latest news on that:


  1. Hello S girl! Scrivener. I download the trial every NaNo but give up. I found it hard to use and I'm pretty techo. I just keep reverting back to Word. I'll have to get lessons as it does get tedious keeping track of all the research in Word.


  2. Thanks for the info and links. It sounds like a great tool. Will have to check it out. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love Scrivener, especially for revising! I'm still working out the formatting details, though...

    Here from A-Z! :)

  4. I think once you learn to use it, it is really useful. Thanks for the hints!

  5. I've heard a lot of good things about it. Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  6. A good S post.
    When I get used to this new blogger I will give your idea a try,


  7. I use this program and just love it! Love it! I even used it for my A-Z stories.

  8. I've been trying out Scrivener, and it's pretty impressive.


  9. sounds great--surprised i haven't heard of this from my son---although he may not pass it on haha

  10. That is something new....good to know sounds interesting :)

  11. Wow!! This sounds amazing - I must try it - thank you s much for the info and heads up to this! Take care

  12. Sounds amazing. Thanks for the info.

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