Sep 5, 2011

Marketing DIY for Authors

I've been a workshop glutton. My latest was on Marketing Your Book run by author Aleesah Darlison. Okay, so technically I don't have an actual book that I can hold in my hand, but I do have MY ZOMBIE DOG and DOG SHOW DETECTIVE out there pitching.

The great thing about this workshop is that we covered marketing yourself as an author and your unpublished manuscript to editors and agents. Some of the things we were asked to consider were:
  • What do you want from your writing career? Do you want to be known for your ability to raise controversial subjects, or for your wit and sense of fun? Knowing this will help understand the image or persona you want to put forward. I'd like my books to show that sense of humour and fun within the Aussie culture. I'd like to celebrate the oddity that is people.
  • What is unique about your writing? For me it is that teaching gives me an insight to children's interests in literature and theme topics. Plus I write a really good dog.
I've come away from this workshop with a to-do list:
  1. Build a Facebook Fan page. Okie-dokie, you can help me keep that page by clicking on the like button in the FB box to the right, or just going to this link: CHARMAINE CLANCY 
  2. Build a Youtube Channel page. Sort of done. I've set it up now, you can visit here: CHARMAINE CLANCY YOUTUBE I need to find some more relevant videos that I can store there, and this is where I will keep my book trailers (when I have book trailers).
  3. Have a one sentence answer ready for when I am asked 'what do you do?' Mine is: I write mystery, fantasy and adventure fiction for children.
  4. Do up my Writing CV. Okay, haven't started that one yet.
  5. Write my synopsis for all my manuscripts, even those that are not yet finished or even written. You should have a synopsis ready at a pitch incase the editor/agent would like to discuss your other works.
  6. Practice my pitch for this weekend's CYA Conference!
What's on your Marketing DIY to-do list?


  1. Okay, I am so dumb, but what is a writing CV?

  2. My marketing DIY list:

    1) Finish something worth marketing :)

  3. Alleged - it's a biography that includes all your writing accomplishments, awards and experiences. So I wouldn't list that I worked in a Pharmacy when I was a teenager, or that I used to work for Dept. Environment (unless I write books about native animals). But, I would put that I once worked for two magazines editing articles and if you had any short stories published you would mention that. I don't have many accomplishments, but I can list all the studies I've done on creative writing.

    Botanist - That should be everyone's number 1 :)

  4. 'What do you want from your writing career? Do you want to be known for your ability to raise controversial subjects, or for your wit and sense of fun?'

    I like this line of thinking a lot because as much as we'd like to imagine that we can just be who we are on any given day, enjoying a sort of freedom of constraint because we're artists, the truth is, if we wish to communicate in this age peopled with an incredible multiplicity of voices, we need to 'wear a skin.' We can't just put randomness out there with our work and expect to hit a target.

    I used to eschew that sort of streamlining but feel I've grown up a bit, in that regard.

  5. Excellent post, Charmaine! I'm with Botanist! :-)

  6. Great things to think about!

    My answer to, "What do you write?" needs to be streamlined. It's hard, though!

    Thanks for the link to your FB page. :)


  7. I was wondering the same thing as Alleged, thanks for answering.
    Wow, so much to do! Thanks for this:)

  8. I was going to ask about the CV too! Thanks for clearing it up!!
    Have fun at the conference!
    Excellent tips!

  9. Once again thanks for the thoughts!

  10. Interesting post. Marketing is on my mind at the moment.

    Oh, I tagged you over at my blog by the way. :)