Aug 14, 2011

Blogfest - HATE

Tessa's Blurb hosted a blogfest on Friday, and although I missed posting on time, I decided to give it a go anyway. The idea was that we would all post a scene with a character showing hate. I hadn't noticed before, but none of my main characters express hate in my stories. I did manage to find a scene in My Zombie Dog, where Zane's mate Kev expresses strong feelings against the girl of Zane's dreams. Here's is Kev's hatefest:

I could get a real dog, a nice Border Collie like Max. Molly and I would have matching dogs, we could spend afternoons together down at the off-leash park. Perfect. Except, it seemed like I was forgetting something…
Then it hit me. Actually he hit me. Kev. He punched me in the arm and said, “Miss Seagull let you out huh? What do ya want to do? Handball?”
“You don’t have a handball.”
“We can confiscate one from the grade 2 kids.”
I gave Kev a look, then looked over at Molly, still sitting alone, head down staring straight at her uneaten sandwich in her lap.
“Um, I think I might go and talk to Molly.” I made it sound like no big deal.
“What? Why would you want to do that?”
I shrugged. No big deal.
“Molly O’Mally? I hate that chick.” Kev narrowed his eyes in her direction and kicked a stone on the asphalt.
“Why? She’s alright. She’s kinda… nice.” I couldn’t meet his gaze. No big deal, no big deal, no…
“Dude, she’s my nemesis.” Kev grabbed me by the shoulders. He could be dramatic at times.
I was sceptical. “Really? You have a nemesis?”
Kev swiped the question away with a hand through the air. “Yeah, haven’t you noticed how we match wits in class all the time?” He crossed his arms and looked back at Molly, like he was weighing her up. “I’ll give her this, she’s a worthy opponent.”
“Um, Molly’s really smart. I mean like genius smart.”
Kev shrugged. “Yeah, you’re right, we’re probably just enemies because we’re too much alike.”
The bell rang and lunch was over, along with my only opportunity to talk to Molly.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. 'I hadn't noticed before, but none of my main characters express hate in my stories.'


  2. Halfway through Secondhand Shoes, Lila shows massive hate towards Max. In, An Angels Sin, the angel shows contepmt toward Child Welfare Services and child abusers. In Contessa and Arthur, Contessa shows hate toward the vampire that turned her boyfriend.

  3. Suze, we're obviously just jolly people :)

  4. Haha...Kev's funny. I love the part where he said, "Dude, she's my nemesis!"

  5. Too cute. I love how he claims they have intelligence in common and that's why they are enemies. :)

  6. That we are, my dear. Shall we have a pint on that? ;)

  7. I think you write mainly children's stories, don't you Charmaine? That probably makes all-out visceral hate inappropriate. But I think you've scored with the schoolroom stylised "my worst enemy" kind here.

  8. hmmm I wonder if that is what my stories are missing...a bout of hate?
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Thanks for all the great comments, I tried to rush in another post after this because I slapped it up before it got a chance to be edited. My Zombie Dog is a bit tighter now and all in present tense.