Apr 9, 2011

H is for HTML for Writer Blogs

Um... yeah, sure.

Mention HTML and a lot of people break out in a sweat. It's really not that scary, it's just computer language. I can't claim to speak it fluently, but have learned a few greetings to communicate my needs with my blog design. Today I'll share a fairly easy code you can use. 

Blog link
Have you noticed some comments have the author's website or blog linked? Would you like a tag-line at the end of your comments that you can link back to your blog? Here's how you do it, below is the text for my link that I like to put in the bottom of my comments on other people's blogs:

It shows up like this:

All you have to do is change my url (http://clancytales.blogspot.com/) with your own, and, change Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers, with the name of your blog. All the other bits, like the <, a, ", / should all stay exactly where they are.

If you've mastered that, perhaps you'd like to make yourself a Blog Badge, that's the button that other bloggers put up on their blogs to link back to your site (mine's in the sidebar). Here's a previous post where I show you how I made mine:

Good luck with it!


  1. So many people don't know how to do this. good on you for posting! :o)

    Jessica @ The Alliterative Allomporph

  2. Nice on, Charmaine. I guess blogger will eventually have this all sorted out into one-touch buttons, but not for a while it would seem. Comments are such a big part of blogging, getting feedback, having discussions, you'd think they'd pay it some more attention.
    Moody Writing

  3. oops, guess I'm not savvy enough to do that stuff, so I'll just do it the old way and take a little more time. Not too much of a trial for me anyway, since I am not really in a hurry anyway when I sit down to computer., :)
    Thanks for the info, anyway. Ruby

  4. Hey Charmaine ~~ thanks for that info ~ I'm partially-technologically-challenged , so I battle with anything technical ! And when I have time , I'd love to check out your badge-making post ! (It's probably too technical for my brain ...)


  5. Thanks for the tip. I was one of those who was tentative with some of these things. The only way to learn is to start fooling around with it, right?

    Have a great weekend,


  6. Good tips. There are lots of simply HTML fixes one can do. The biggest think is getting over our fear of messing something up.

    The Watered Soul

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us. I love your blog...I'm now a follower.

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  9. Good post. It is important to understand the tools we are using.

  10. I've learnt to use this one too...the most basic HTML can be learnt on our friend ...Google! :)

  11. Little html tips are really handy.

    I must try to remember to use this one myself. I did a while ago but got a little lazy.

  12. Thanks, I was just wondering how to do a badge, or a blogger award thingy.

  13. Charmaine, do you know how many folks you're helping with these great examples? I'm totally html challenged, and am about to learn more by scrolling down to earlier posts. Thank you!

  14. I think it's a great thing for all bloggers to know and practice. I've heard some complain that it's blatant self-promotion. I say "So what!", perhaps it can be considered so, but it also makes it easier for a recipient to go back to visit the one who commented. I love having the signature at the end of a comment so I can just click and visit back.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  15. Thanks for all the sweet comments :-)

    Usually I will reply to each individually, but during this challenge I'm trying to use my time to visit everyone's blog and comment there. Hope you're all having loads of fun with it! :)