Feb 23, 2011

Save the Ending

A while back I posted about meeting author James Phelan and purchasing some of his thrillers and his new YA novel. Phelan was talking to writers about the craft of writing thrillers, and, within his talk he revealed the ending to his YA novel, Chasers (part of a trilogy called Alone).

Chasers (Alone)

Don't worry, I won't ruin the ending for you. It was particularly frustrating, because the twist at the end is GOOD, really good. Emily has read the novel and absolutely loves it, it has become her new favourite and is being encouraged to all her friends. I've now started reading the novel and I am loving it, but must admit, knowing how it ends makes me look at some of the characters differently.

I also read Agatha Christie and through blogs, uncovered the murderer behind The Murder of Roger Akroyd before getting a chance to read it. Another great twist I won't get to enjoy through the experience of reading.  Have you had an ending spoilt for you? Maybe while you were reading a novel? Can you still push on and read it?


  1. OOoo! Never heard of it but now really interested in that book. Want to know the twist!

  2. don't you hate that???? It's so frustrating, especially if it's a good surprise ending. I do keep reading if the book is good though, but it does change my perspective.

  3. I think the Roger Ackroyd book is ruined for all generations to come because it's the prime example out there of the twist ending, the author who broke the rules, the master. Well, I was cheated out of the experience, too. Sometimes, you love the unfolding of the story so much that it doesn't matter that you know the ending. Sometimes, I guess it, like with the movie, The Sixth Sense, because the ending was mentioned as being such a twist, I guessed it from the first scene. It made me feel smart. I still liked the story. However, if I haven't seen a movie, and someone flips it on after the start, I won't watch it. Happened just last night. I said, "I can't watch a movie 20 min. in. I've missed the set-up." I made the boys turn it off. I told them it's like reading the last chapter of a book first, then trying to read it from the start. Na, not for me.