Dec 31, 2010

Writing Goals - Shut Up or Share?

Howdy fellow writers! Thank you for all the lovely Christmas and New Year wishes on my last post - right back atcha'. I haven't blogged because I was up in Queensland for Christmas, staying with my dad (who has also been bitten by the writing-bug and is polishing his three manuscripts about a loveable rogue who drinks and plays too much but also happens to be a quick-witted soldier/spy/hero).

My New Year's resolution is to find more time to learn about the craft of writing/publishing and blog about it. Empty words? Resolutions can sometimes be, and Derek Sivers warns us if you have a goal you really want to achieve, keep it to yourself, because through the act of talking about it, your mind feels you've already achieved it. Then it slacks off.

I'm not so good at keeping things to myself and still remember his previous TED Talk telling us that whatever can be true means the opposite can also be true. So, making yourself accountable for your goals by broadcasting them can also help motivate (surely?).

Derek Sivers: Keep Your Goals to Yourself

But, the flip side:

For my next post (the first one for 2011!) I'll blog about my tactics to make sure I learn more about writing. But, I'll probably also blog about our new family member soon. Tim and Emily are on a road trip to Melbourne right now, and on the 2nd January they will pick up 'Pinkachu' our new Devon Rex kitten - I'm pretty darn excited!!!!! (usually I don't condone the overuse of '!' but this is a special occasion).
Pinkachu (yes, she is supposed to look like that)


  1. I love these cats. Just look at those ears. I'd be interested to find out what temperament this cat has.

    What Derek says makes sense, but everyone handles things differently. I think doing something in a group makes you accountable, though doing it with strangers who will never hold you accountable kind of cancels that out. But keeping quiet about it might be your brain's way of saying, "shhh, if you say it, you have to do it." I don't know. we all have to do what works for us or at least find out what doesn't.

    Have a wonderful New Years the whole year through.

  2. Pinkachu is adorable, Charmaine. We have four strays of various breeds. Cats are wonderful, intelligent creatures. Can't imagine someone harming them. Your little cutie has the most incredible eyes. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you too my dear. The cat is adorable :-)

  4. I have been working on my goals and I'm still formulating so I won't share just yet but I love the look of your cat. My uncle as one of them and although many in my family think they look like rats, I love them.


  5. Pinkachu is definitely worth the extra !!'s.

    My resolution is the same as yours, to learn more about writing and to practice it and blog about it. I'm hoping I can stick to it. Can't be a writer if I don't write, right?

  6. Squee! What a cute cat (or alien? Either way, she's adorable.)

    I'm still watching the videos, but the first one's really interesting so far. Thanks for the links!

  7. What a cute looking cat!!

    Hope your new year brings you all kinds of joy and happiness :)

  8. I know you'll fulfill your goals because they seem to come from beyond you, from the realm of passion and genuine committment.

    Nice that you're getting a new kitten. She may serve as your muse.