Nov 9, 2010

NaNoWriMo - What's the Rush?

Slow down, enjoy the view.

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo - and hasn't the time been flying? My first week went well, with my little fingers flicking across the keyboard every spare moment I got. Then, I lost something - the spare moments. Not to worry, I made myself type some words before bed, even when I didn't feel like it.

My problem? In my rush, I've found I've also been rushing my story. I'm pushing my protagonist along in this supernatural mystery/thriller, saying 'come on, get to the next clue, this is NaNoWriMo you know, we don't have time to dawdle!' Dusty has reluctantly obliged (sometimes she shoots me dirty looks, because really, I think she can't be stuffed being the main character and wishes I'd given it to someone else - ungrateful little ....).  At not even the half way mark, we've had most of the murders (I might be able to squeeze one or two more in *evil chuckle*). Dusty has identified the bad guy and he is currently safely tied up, leaving her with the dreamy good guy.

My solution? Slow down. Tell Dusty to take her time, notice the scenery, maybe have a cuppa and think this thing through. Has she really got the bad guy tied up? What if she got that all wrong? That would leave her all alone (except for a couple more would-be victims) with... the killer. And the only guy who would defend her? Well, he's tied up now, so smart move there Dusty.

How's your novel going? Are you taking the time to breathe, to let your protagonist breathe?


  1. I did great the first couple of days, then started missing my mark.

    Now I'm only 7kw into my story, and it's day 8. Little hope of catching up.

    I gave myself permission to fail, though, did that early in a prior post because I didn't think I'd be able to meed the NaNo expectations anyway, and because my writing is done in fits and spurts of 5-10kw bursts.

    Don't rush. The only thing worse than writing is ~re~ writing.


    - Eric

  2. Good luck slowing down, Charmaine. But I have to say that I can't wait for you to finish it, 'cuz I totally want to buy this one and read it! It sounds so awesome!!

    P.S. LOVE the picture!

  3. I need to slow down a bit but I'm mostly throwing in the other characters who are needed to make the plot work.

    Whatever gets me through!

  4. I also feared I might be rushing the story but it seemed to work out okay because a single chapter in my outline unexpectedly turned into two chapters. I've slowed down enough to enjoy the ride.

  5. Eric - there is no fail - you've got yourself 7k of words towards your next novel already, that's pretty darn good!

    Shannon - Thanks beautiful, you are such a motivator!

    Fairyhedgehog - always interesting to get a new character. I set mine up in such a way that I can't try that (they're cut off from everyone else).

    Lynda - I love when chapeters split. :-)

    NaNo On!

  6. My problem is that I have too many words and no ending in sight. I decided to write several separate youth chapter books to get to the 50,000 words this month, but the first one is fast approaching 15,000 and I don't know how it ends! I'm tempted to put some sort of big marker in my text and start on the "next book"... I'll probably just see what happens...

    I like the photo at the start of your blog. :D

  7. I agree about not needing to rush. It sounds like a great story, and sometimes great stories take time!

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  9. Hi. I love this photo and the caption. So great.

    Best of luck on NaNo.

  10. I've had NaNos rush... seems like I spend a day or two filling in--making chapters rounder--adding a couple thousand words with no new chapters.

    This one seems to be flowing well--I should hit half way today and have no doubt I will hit 50K, though a done mystery in my mind is closer to 70K. Just last night I realized a bit character made a FABULOUS additional suspect (one that will greatly increase tension, as he is a romantic quest for one of my MCs close friends...[get the suspected murderer off alone with good friend... you see how that goes *rubs hands*]. I'm not completely set on my actual killer, but of the 6 suspects, have it down to about 3...

    Anyway.... NaNo on!

  11. Yes I agree that everyone should breathe. Take a deep one, and keep writing. Sounds like you're doing great.

  12. I've found a great routine that is working for me. I am now able to research and write over my daily target, every day.
    I want to finish, but I also want something I can read at the end of the month.

    Maggie, my POV, has held onto a secret for a week. Time is running out and she has to reveal the truth soon. Then I am stuck, and hope she shows me the way. One insignificant character has taken it upon himself to become a major player. He has really thrown me a curved ball! I wasn't prepared for him.

    Have fun this week. :)