Oct 3, 2010

The Kindle vs iPad Now

I was adamant the Kindle was for me, even after the fancy new iPad came out. But, hubby the techno lover, was all for iPad. So, our house has both (although I rarely get to touch the iPad).

So, how do I feel about Kindle now that we have the shiny Mac version?
  • Kindle still has the best screen to read off. The iPad is lit like an iPod, so I find the glare distracting, even if you tone it down.
  • There's a lot of books I can't download for Kindle if I'm from Australia, even though they are available. 
  • The books available just for the iPad are very limited - but I expect that will change, we have some publishing rights issues down under.
  • I find the way Kindle stores my books a bit messy. Just long continuous lists.
  • The iPad has a way better interface. I love that it shows little pictures of the book covers. My Kindle only lists the titles - I don't want to give up covers, weirdly they are part of my reading experience.
  • The iPad is colour. That's a big plus for any picture books.
  • Kindle does not allow me to share books. If I bought a paperback I could pass it on when I'm done, I could also photocopy a page if I wanted to use it in the classroom, I was surprised to learn I couldn't print a page from Kindle for Mac. To be fair, I don't think you can do this with the iPad yet either?
  • I can get pretty skins for my Kindle (looks matter to me - that's why I like book covers).
  • Kindle is lighter and easier to hold.
  • iPad has a bigger screen.
In summary? I still prefer to read fiction off my Kindle. The screen is as easy on my eyes as reading out of a paperback novel. But. I like looking at the books on the iPad because of the colour and I wish, wish, wish Kindle would use book cover pictures in a bookshelf style like iBooks does. If it did, I would upgrade to the Kindle DX


  1. This is part of the reason I love my nook. And the Mac version of the B&N e-reader software allows you to copy and paste sections of text. The covers are small, but you can scroll through them in color. No color pages, of course, but the screen is easy to read. The lending feature could be better, I think it only allows you to loan a book once, but anyone can download the nook app and read on their computer.

    I love my e-reader because I really only use it for reading fiction. I spend a lot more on books than I used to but I like to keep up with what's going in in my genre, and the nook makes that easier.

    If I were about fifteen years younger, and could subscribe to comics, I'd be wild about an iPad. Then my dad would be paying my service plan. ;)

  2. Cool. I love that you compared them. I've been debating what kind of device to get.



  3. I love my Kindle - especially the screen. I used it a lot in the summer when I was travelling and when I'm waiting for appointments.

    I still haven't seen an iPad yet - I think I'd love one, but not for reading :)

  4. My family is utterly surprised at my love for techno gadgets. I just don't seem the type. Yet, I have a Kindle, which I love and would very much like having an Ipad, though I don't really know why.

    I wish Kindle was better about letting us share the books. Also, I wish there was a better way of scrolling, or finding a page in the book. Maybe there is and I just don't know how yet.

    Anyway, thanks for comparing them.

  5. Thanks for the comparisons. I haven't bought either, yet. I would also miss the book art.

  6. I've finally seen all the devices and had an opportunity to play with each one. Have to say, the iPad wins hands down. If I'm forking out that kind of cash, I want something that does more than just read books.
    So the iPad is definitely on my Christmas list!

  7. I had a Kindle. The page refresh was too long and it went completely black before the print showed up so back it went. I haven't given it another chance, bought an iTouch.

    Now, that I need to upgrade my desktop, do I go for the iPad or a laptop? An iPad, Kindle and new desktop would be perfect but who has that kind of money? Not me. ;)

    I am glad you gave us a nice comparison, I just can't get past the black screen.

    Oh! Thanks for stopping by and....yum, hot chocolate