Sep 9, 2010

Angela Sunde - Oui, oui!

I'm continuing my theme of introducing you to the amazing authors I met at the CYA Writers Conference and today I'll introduce you to a kids writer with savoir-fair!

In-between workshops I was snacking on my morning tea in the foyer of one of the buildings of QUT when a book launch was announced. Angela Sunde appeared in a cute beret and French-style jacket to announce her new book, Pond Magic.

My attention was had (okay, it might also have had something to do with the raffle for the bottle of French champagne, but I promise I was interested at a literary level). French is hot right now. Images of the Eiffel tower adorn many living room wall, t-shirt or cushion. My youngest (Matilda) is 9 and LOVES the idea of France and writing stories, so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. As an extra bonus, I approached  Angela to have the book signed.

Angela was so sweet when I told her about Tilly's French phase that she included a special inscription:
'Hi Matilda! Bonjour... Vive le burp! Angela Sunde'
Finding trends is a great way of attracting attention to your work from your targeted market (like young girls). This is a way of suggesting a connection between the reader and product (Matilda feels like the story was written just for her). 

Another way Angela triggers this familiarity is with the use of reworking a well-known fairytale (in this case: The Frog Prince). Readers see these familiarities and subconsciously read them as coincidences connecting their own lives (E.g. Ooh, I love everything French and so does one of the characters, plus, I remember reading this fairytale and, I like pink stripes - Fate wants me to buy this book!).

Angela also spoke to us during a seminar of new authors. Some of her advice to budding writers (like myself) was:
  • Don't be impatient, it may take years but you have to keep putting your work out there.
  • Give your character a problem (I've blogged before about how to find conflict for your story).
  • Find your market (publishers and agents for your genre).
  • Attend festivals and join writers centres (there were some good links that I'll collate with the others I've gathered and post all together soon).
You can find and follow Angela at her own blog:
Or, visit her website:
Angela Sunde at the Pond Magic book launch


  1. Sounds like the POND MAGIC book launch was interesting on several levels. What a special treat for Matilda.

    BTW, the raffle for the bottle of French champagne would have gotten my attention too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Aw, that's great. I'm so happy for Angela Sunde. She so deserves to have this wonderful book published. Pond Magic looks delightful. I'll have to look out for it. I love the cover.

    Congratulations, Angela.

    Great post, Charmaine.

  3. That's some really great advice. I don't know much about YA work but it's cool that French is popular.


  4. I'll have to pick this one up. Maybe I can read a review of it at Paper Dolls soon! LOL. :-)

  5. Mason - you know what they say about great minds ;-j

    Trish - yes and it does the soul good to see Aussie writers getting up there :-)

    Shannon - Matilda's reading it right now with the intention of reviewing it this week on Paper Dolls :-)

  6. Hi Charmaine,

    I'm so happy to have come across your blog-space. There is a wealth of things to read here and keep me from my work! It is upsetting that I am as good at French as I am at pole-vaulting with a broken leg - I will have to sit this trend out. Je suis une salade.


  7. Hi, Charmaine, What an interesting posting! I love reading about such things (i.e. meeting authors) and the book really sounds entertaining, too. I am back to reading other blogs now, and happy to be back. Best regards to you,friend. Ruby

  8. Nathan - Happy to have you aboard. I've been spying your website lately and as soon as I have something to promote on mine, I may chase down your web designer!

    Grammy - Very glad to have you back, you lighten up any blog :-)

  9. Thanks for an interesting post. It is good to meet new folk in the cyberworld.