Aug 2, 2010

Writing Devices or Distractions

Things I could write a great novel without:

  • Tertiary studies in literature
  • Books on how to write a great novel
  • Reading blogs about writing
  • Writing blogposts about writing
  • Cute notebooks
  • Fancy writing software
  • Research into some obscure reference in my story
  • Podcasts on writing
  • Novelty pens
  • Writers retreats/festivals/conferences
  • Twitter writer friends
  • Critique groups
  • Writer's cookies
Sure, I could write a great novel without any of those things, the question is... would I? Do you use all these things to motivate your writing, just a few, or do you hmpf! at it all and just write? (I suspect you at least read blogs). So, for no other reason than distraction - I give you... 
Dramatic Chipmunk vs OMG Cat!


  1. Hmm..cookies...
    I do use many of these things to both motivate me AND distract me. Right now I'm looking for distraction ;)
    Chipmunk intimidation is definitely the winner.

    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  2. Blogging definitely helps motivate me - it's so fun to hear all the successes of my friends!

  3. Reading blogs do motivate me but it also takes up a great deal of my time. I have to learn balance. As with most things I do.


  4. I'm at about 2/3 on your list. I don't read BOOKS about writing (my attention span for non-fiction is limited to about a blog at a time, so I am trusting all of you to sum it up for me) and I don't use the software. I do, however, put a fair amount of time into facebook networks and joining 'writing events' (WriMos and Amazone Breakthrough) so I don't have fewer, I've just swapped a few out.

  5. Blogging is my favorite distraction because it does both, motivate me and help me not work on my WIP that's nagging at me to get busy. Loved the video!

  6. Cute video. LOL

    Research is a must in my genre. I do blog and read blogs. I do twitter & have gotten more into twitter and less into FB. I'm in a critique group and writing association. I've attended workshops. Going to a conference this Saturday to try to sell my first rocking novel.

    My novel is even greater because of all those things. I'm better prepared for Saturday because of all of those things.

  7. What is writers cookie exactly? In my world it is frosted with sprinkles... yum.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone - ironically my internet service cut out right after I posted!
    Not so surprising, I got a lot of work done on my WIP yesterday instead :-)

    Can I discriminate between cookies? I love them all, but home-made fudgy choc-chip ones, or apple and cinnamon are my fav's! (I'm contemplating experimenting with jellybeans in cookies, my two loves together at last).

    M Pax - good luck with the pitch, I'll be thinking about you :-)

  9. Wikipedia distracts me. I go on there to do a little bit of research, then I get stuck clicking one thing after another.