Aug 18, 2010

10 Best Links for Novel Writing Structure

Hyperbole - important part of any good storytelling formula

Some writers use formulas to outline their plots before writing, others just get pen to paper and write wherever their mind takes them. I'm a plotter. There are endless tried and true formulas that can help writers needing a little more structure. Here are the best links I've found to help you.
  1. The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot
  2. Structure by Screenplay Mastery
  3. Get a Little Conflict in Your Scene
  4. Writing Novels - Formulas and Structures
  5. How to Write Your Novel Using a Formula
  6. Story Structure and Plot - Novel Writing Tips
  7. Plot and Pacing Part OnePlot and Pacing Part Two and Plot and Pacing Part Three
  8. Story Elements Checklist for Brainstorming Index Cards
  9. Writing Lessons by Richard Setlowe
  10. Novel Endings 

Plus, two educational links on plot and structure for teachers:


  1. Those are fabulous links - thank you! I'm more of a pantster, but I do a sort-of outline in my head before I start to write :) I'll check these out!

  2. What great links. I'm going to mention this on my friday blog.


  3. Thanks so much for the links! Did you see Nathan Bransford's post today! Totally on the same topic. Another great resource is Timothy Hallinan. Now I've got to go and start reading this stuff!

  4. Jemi, Clarissa - thanks! When I search on topics I always save my fav's to so I can get them back for posts like this :-)

    Molly - Yes! I did see Nathan Bansford's post, and would have included it if I'd gotten there in time - it was great! Another one that's popular is the snowflake method, but to be honest I get confused if there's too many steps :-)

  5. Great list, Charmaine! I tend to plot and write more freehand, but this kind of thing helps HUGE in the rewrite.

  6. Great list. I say, keep learning and growing.

  7. I don't know if you accept awards or not, but I just gave you one because I love your blog & wanted my followers to know!

  8. Thanks for gathering these links for us.

  9. Thanks, I find this really useful. I just write, I haven't managed to master the plotting skill.

  10. I'd like to add Now Novel ( an online novel writing course (I am prejiduced as I am one of the founders)