Jul 10, 2010

Writing in Brisbane

View from the old Army barracks turned cinema
I packed clothes for everyone except myself for this trip, so I just had to also visit a few of the cute boutiques in Paddington (what's a girl to do?). This is a very trendy area of Brisbane and hosts some wonderful shopping and restaurants. I managed to find a sweet book shop where I purchased this cult writing book:
The first section of The Elements of Style contains all the grammar help you could ever want, and the second part is an expose` of writing tips.

Who can write without chocolate? There was a handmade choccie shop nearby. I was all set with a new book, my notepad and chocolate to get some writing done while the girls were in enjoying Shrek 3.

I'd like to show you my choccie selection, but by the time I got my phone/camera out, this was all that was left:
I managed to write a few notes on my WIP, The Warracknabeal Kids, but admit my mind seems distracted by the newness of my surroundings. I'm starting to think routine works better for productivity than 'time off for writing'. I have found editing the last bits of my Dog Show Detective manuscript a lot easier. It's quiet in the mornings and I like to sit out the front of the house and hear Brisbane rising and getting ready for the day.

Tonight my dad is putting on a roast and I think once he's had a couple of wines, I'll be hearing plenty more annedocts I can use for my stories.

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  1. The chocolate looks yummy. Have a great time.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Brisbane looks so beautiful and clean. I would love to visit Australia someday.

    Yesterday, I went to amazon to find that book you mentioned on revising. I found it but I wish they had it in Kindle format.

    I will have to get it in paperback I guess.


  3. That white chocolate is calling me, I swear... The silver bead, in particular, is a little minx.

    (Here via Writer's Follow Friday, but I already had your blog in my Google Reader list. :) )

  4. chocolate + writing = danger
    (at least in my experience)

  5. totally with you on 'routine being better for writing' but novelty is good for ideas, I figure, so all is not lost... we are allowed to vacation... I hope you are having fun! It was a fun read of your adventures (mostly I liked the excuses *wink*)

  6. Sounds like you are having lots of fun :)

    And yes, chocolate is essential for writing inspiration.