Jul 20, 2010

The Evolution of a Blog

Time to Evolve

I love my blog. You start off blogging out of curiosity, to build your online platform or to showcase your work. But something happens, you 'meet' other bloggers, create a community and start to bond with... your blog. I began by blogging my stories, memoirs, and random thoughts, but as I progressed in my desire to learn more about the craft of writing, I found information on the topic that I wanted to share. This has now become the main focus of my blog.

Only, I didn't know it.

I've posted previously on the importance of an online presence for authors in P is for Promote and Platform! an targeting your blog for a specific audience in Effective Websites for Authors, but I hadn't noticed the shift in my blogging intention. Now I've come across a FANTASTIC site that is hosting a blog challenge:
Take the Problogger Challenge with SITS and BlogFrog
SITS Girls Community will be using the ProBlogger method to improve your blog in 31days!

If you haven't heard of ProBlogger (gasp), he's the guru of the blogging world. You should definitely check out his blog: http://www.problogger.net/.

The first challenge was to create an elevator pitch for your blog. How could you succinctly describe your blog and make it appealing to the right audience? This was my attempt:
Wagging Tales is a motivating environment for writers of fiction, exploring and sharing writing tips, experiences, and resources. I'd love to see you there.
Now I feel I've locked in my focus for my blog. I love researching and learning about the craft of writing and I love nothing more than sharing the information I discover with you - my blog friends. This is the direction I wish to continue with my blog.

Interested in taking up the blog challenge? Go join the SITS Girls community, I can't wait to see where this takes us!

PS - Oooh! Getting close to 200 followers - I'll be hosting another big giveaway when I reach that mark!


  1. Sounds like a great site - I haven't seen it before. Thanks for the link.

    I think you've described your blog very well - it's a great place to visit. :)

  2. Hate to admit it, but I hadn't heard of ProBlogger. I'll be looking into it ASAP. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very interesting idea! I will have to check out more closely. Right now I've got: Confessions of a Watery Tart is a place for testing whether my insanity is contagious. Sound about right? *snort* Seriously though, I think it's good to be mindful and have a plan (even those of us incapable of FOLLOWING a plan)

  4. Thanks for the tips. Never thought of doing an elevator pitch for the blog. I'm still kind of finding my footing with it.

    I'll definitely look into your links. Thanks, Charmaine!

  5. Joined the community. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

  6. I didn't know about this. Thanks. Sounds good.

  7. Jemi - Thanks! The statement reflects what I'd like my site to be :-)

    Myrna - ProBlogger is a great resource for bloggers, you can learn so much from him, regardless of the topic of your blog.

    Hart - Like you, I'm great at formulating a plan - following through with it? Isn't that someone else's job?

    M Pax - It's a great way to find the direction you'd like your blog to take.

    Lynda - Cool! I'll see you in the forums :-)

    Beverly - You're most welcome.