Jul 14, 2010

Creative Motivations

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While in Brisbane, I managed to find a cute Mary Ryan's bookstore in Milton. Not surprisingly, I found many bookstores, but this one boasted the best array of letter-writing stationery I've seen:
There were rows and rows of these beautiful packs!

I chose this delicious set to motivate me to write more letters to my family and friends:

I like pretty notebooks when I write too, I buy many different designs to suit each project and fill them up quickly. Pretty pens help me too (but they have to also roll nicely across the page). In theory, I should write just as easily with a cheap exercise book and a biro - but my muse needs to be bribed.

What stimulates your creativity?


  1. LOL I totally get the nice notebook and pen thing. My muse rather likes those, too.

    He DETESTS squared notepads for some reason.


  2. Ok, I have serious stationery envy now. I'm hoping I'll find a few stores like this on my travels over the next few days.

  3. That book shop and those note cards! I'm drooling. I'm with you, great notebooks and gel pens in multi-colors.mmmm. Other art forms also inspire. In those cases, a back of an envelope will do for quick inspiration.

  4. I love note pads and stationary! My sister used to have about 15 penpals and she had the BEST stationary in the world :)

  5. I love making cards, but must keep myself OUT of Michaels craft store. So many lovely things.

  6. Love bookstores, stationery (letter writing seems to be a lost art!)& craft stores. I think it's time to go shopping!

  7. Oh, I have not seen a great selection of stationary in eons. What a great find!

    The observatory and pics of space spurs my imagination. And documentaries. And conversations. And watching people. People are strange.

  8. Chocolate stimulates my creativity. And I love pretty pens as well. I'm currently using a purple one :)

  9. I adore cute little notebooks and stationary and fun pens. They make me WANT to take notes and think of new ideas. :-)

  10. I've got an award for you. Find the details over at my blog


    Publish or Perish

  11. College lined, three ring, spiral notebook with POCKETS and a medium point blue pen.

    I know--sounds awfully ordinary, but most of my early writing was stolen moments when I was supposed to be doing something else... so that's it... sneakiness inspires me.

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  13. Tessa - that's funny, I hadn't thought about it before, but my muse doesn't like square notepads either! Or shaped ones, like hearts, etc. A5 is also the smallest I can comfortably go.

    Kaz! No need for you to get stationery envy, you'll probably be one of the recipients of my letter writing paper!

    Mary - I could have spent some serious money in that store :-)

    Jemi - I remember when I was a kid we all had pen-pals and we would brag to each other, see who had the most, the coolest or the cutest ;-j

    Terry - I''m a bit like that with fabric stores, keep stocking up on materials for all those quilts I'm 'gonna' make one day.

    Dawn - Nothing like a good shopping spree for rejuvenating your muse!

    M Pax - I'm with you - people are adorably strange!

    Lynda - yep, I don't hate chocolate.

    Shannon - Yes, I've seen posts on your blog about your love of notebooks too. I wonder if we have SCD - Stationery Compulsive Disorder.

    Al - OooH thanks! *rushing off to greedily grab award*

    Hart -Not ordinary at all, I'm using a plain brown cover ring-notebook for my current story because my 12yr old male protagonist doesn't like the frilly notebooks I use and refuses to appear in them. Sounds like your selection appeals to your desire for organising your work. Plus, the illicit draw of sneakiness is a great writing motivator (and aphrodisiac). :-)