Apr 7, 2010

F is for Follow, Focus and Fetish.

In a blatant attempt to reach 100 FOLLOWERS, I'm hosting a competition to win books on writing and editing! See my last post for the entry form and details:

I've got a lot of projects on the go at the moment and I find that the days I stress about which to do first, I end up accomplishing nothing. I need to FOCUS on my tasks (I often say I prefer focus-tasking to multi-tasking) and FINISH what I'm on before being distracted by the other.

My current writing tasks include:
  • Editing Dog Show Detective
  • Writing Warracknabeal Kids
  • Researching for Warracknabeal Kids
  • Blogging
  • Reading, book on writing and editing and all your blogs!
My project tonight is to do up a better timetable so I can schedule these projects to complete a little on a daily basis.  It does help me to keep my information for each task separate. Each writing/editing project has it's own notebook. This is how I discovered I have a FETISH. I will shop for days to find just the right notebook for each project. Dog Show Detective has pets on the cover, while Warracknabeal Kids has a plain brown cardboard cover. If I spot a notebook I love, then I have to have it. I give notebooks as presents. In short, I LOVE notebooks.
F is also for Funny pranks. My protagonist in Warracknabeal Kids is a 12/13yr. old boy who is a bit of a scallywag. Not having a boy's mind for mischief, I asked my husband for some inspiration. I won't go into too much detail but his idea involved a corpse, a coffin and a chicken.


  1. I love notebooks, too! I commend you for writing in a teenage boy's perspective! I don't think I could ever get that right!

    *off to enter your competition*

  2. Love to hear about your notebook fetish. I have something along the same lines - although, it's paper. I'm constantly buying packages of paper - I can't have enough. This, in turn, fills large binders that relate to various works.

    Oh, and I'll be thinking of how a chicken, corpse and coffin relate together all day.

  3. Goodness, you have a lot on your plate! I'm struggling a bit with time too, AND I procrastinate and then end up getting NOTHING done. Ridiculous really ...

  4. The notebook thing is great! A corpse, a coffin and a chicken, huh? My dad once told me a story from his teenage years that involved Halloween, a tractor and an occupied outhouse. Something tells me there was at least one person involved in both shenanigans that wasn't laughing.

  5. You really do have a lot on your plate. Good luck with balancing it all and yay!focus!

  6. I am your 100th follower awesome! Have a wonderful day and love the post so glad you are in this challenge too!

  7. What is it about notebooks that draws up to them. I have collected journals and notebooks thinking I'll use this one for this and that one for that, but never do. I just collect them. Good luck with all your tasks.

  8. I like pretty notebooks too.

  9. Since F is for follow, I cannot resist being follower 102! Well done on reaching your goal (and over!)

    I also love notebooks. But then I feel horribly guilty if I get a gorgeous notebook and put something boring in there, like scribbling take-away telephone numbers, or details for my broadband etc. So then I feel a bit sad, buy another notebook, start off glorious and end up with shopping lists. Can't win!

  10. I like notebooks, but even more, I like boxes and things that you put things into (containers). I enjoy reading your postings about books, because I am an avid lifetime reader.
    Best regards to you.

  11. Good to see I'm not alone in my bizarre fetish!
    I bought my dad nice notebook yesterday (because he's visiting) and now I've got him writing a novel :-)

    Writing from a teen boy's perspective is feeling refreshing because it's not what I know. It's fun trying to get inside people's heads.

    AND big WELCOME to my new followers. I'm dashing about a bit with dad today but plan to sit down tonight and visit all the blogs I follow and see which ones I'm missing :-)