Apr 1, 2010

B is for Birthmarked AND Book Giveaway!

Keeping with the A-Z Blogging Challenge hosted at Tossing it Out. Today is B and I've found a book giveaway competition for you! Steph Su Reads is giving away a copy of the new book Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien. This comp is open internationally. 

But wait, there's more! In Which a Girl Reads is also hosting an international book giveaway (means us Aussies can enter too!), this is to celebrate gaining a whopping 600 followers! (can you hear the jealousy in my voice?). Check it out:

I'm choosing my favourite books on writing and once I hit the 100 followers (I know that's a long way off 600 - but I'm still thrilled), I'll have a book giveaway too - looks like that won't be long now :-)

B is also for blogging. I currently maintain this site and one on education and teaching English, The Write Words (I also have one for Dog Show Detective aimed at kids). Now my 9yr. old and my 12yr. old daughters have decided they would like a blog too, they would like to blog on book reviews and of course they have no interest in sharing a single blog. Sigh. This is going to be just like the kitten and the rabbit and the puppy - I know who will end up having to do most of the work. 

I am happy they are showing an interest and they were both amazing during NaNoWriMo, each ending up with their own novelette. I told them I would get the book printed and bound for them like a professional book (perfect Christmas present for Grandma!) and now Miss 9 wants to know when it will be in the stores. A little budding writer-wanting-publication in the making!


  1. Good for your kids (although more work for you - and you sound very busy as it is). But seriously, what a wonderful way to encourage them in both reading and writing.

  2. Oh wow you teach English? I write English education books for a living for teaching English as a foreign language. :)

    Not that I want to be - fiction is my passion. Can you print and bind mine too ;)

  3. So neat that your daughters are following in your footsteps! Great "B" words.

    Have a blessed day!


  4. I've gone and visited the other site, I will follow that wonderful site.


  5. Good luck on getting 100 followers! You're much closer than I am. I think that's so fantastic that you're encouraging your girls so much in their writing and reading endeavours. I'm hoping when my daughter gets a little older she'll also share my love of reading and writing and it will be something we can experience together.

  6. Jaydee - I agree and this is what I aim to get through in my classes, find ways kids are switched on to reading, so if they're keen, I'm happy :-)
    Alternative Allomorphy girl - I'm going to order her book from one of those online print places (like Lu-Lu - but I'll see if there's one more local). I see you were once a Melbourne girl, I lived there previously, love the restaurants!
    Lisa - Thanks, I suspect one will lose interest, but it's still an ego boost when your kids want to do whatever you're doing!
    Ann - Thanks, I don't post as often there, but I'm going to try to get to it a bit more now.
    Angie - no one is more surprised than me, when I first started this blog I didn't expect anyone to follow except a couple of my friends - now I'm learning this is a whole interactive community!

    Thanks for the comments guys, I love hearing from you and visiting your blogs!

  7. I think your follower list has grown considerably in recent months. How cool that your daughters are writing and wanting a blog.

  8. At the rate your readership is growing, you'll be at 100 followers in no time! I LOVE it that your girls are wanting to write and blog - so cool! :-)

  9. How wonderful that your daughters want to follow what you do. I shall look forward to reading their blogs :o)))

  10. Mary, Shannon, Niki - thanks for the support. The girls ended up agreeing to work on a single blog as long as one could pick the title and the other the background - it's all about power lol.
    Their blog is very cute and I'll put up a link in my next post.

  11. It's so wonderful that they're writing too and following in your footsteps blogging! I love it!